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And since I love Lindsey...

5 things on my to do list:
never ending laundrypay billsregister Max for t-ballmake dentist appointments
read LOST spoilers

10 things i enjoy:
watching my tv shows, and talking about LOST to anyone else who watches itwatching a Jazz game on Friday night while enjoying Cafe Rio, with AaronGirls Night Out
beautiful weather, especially when I am enjoying it in Newport
pedicuresSunday dinners with my family
a clean house (but not cleaning the house)
hanging out with the Romines
the cookies n' cream shake from Chic-Fil-A... and diet coke (but not together)

Suddenly A Billionaire:
Assuming I've already paid tithing...I would donate half of it to Cancer Research (cause I really need for there to be an immediate cure for this crappy disease).
prepay for all 5 of our kids missions and college, and take the family back to this place, and also to this place.
get a new Toyota Sequoia (because I love my "stupid SR5" so much- an inside joke I'll have to …

Take Two of These And Call Me In The Morning...

(image courtesy of rubberball)

I had a friend tell me that my life gives her a headache. And I wasn't offended after I realized that my life gives me a headache, too.

It's crazy. It's busy. It's loud. And it's... crazy. And I wonder every day how my mom (and yours) did it. Seriously. How did they do it?

They all had lots of kids. They were involved in PTA. They all offered countless hours of service to church activities. They were taxi drivers, and soccer moms, and even took us to the school rollerskating parties. Dance class. Piano lessons. Girl Scouts. Sporting events. Camping trips. They read to us, played games with us, AND cleaned the house. I had dinner every night, breakfast every morning, and a homemade lunch EVERY school day of my life. (And let me tell you, it was delicious.)

How in the holy hannah did they do it all?

I keep thinking that one day I will get used to a busy life. That I will acclimate. That it will feel normal. That I won't develop a headach…