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After The Day I've Had...


M: "I deserve to have dinner at 'The Roof' tonight."
A: "You so do!"

That was over gmail chat today at like 4:45pm. T-minus 45 minutes and counting until Aaron is home from work.

I think I changed 45 poopy diapers today. Maybe 46. There is a virus going around that gets all the credit. Lock your kids in the house. Don't have any friends over. This virus will have you in dirty diapers up to your eyeballs, and ruin any sense of smell you have.

The good news is that since I've changed so many disgusting diapers, I am not about to make dinner. And Aaron and I have a deal that whenever he is home (including the weekends) and there is a poopy, he gets to change it. It's a great arrangement most of the time.

In other news, today Charlie and I played a few rounds of bowling on the Wii while Max was at school, and Jack was napping (and pooing while he napped). And for the record, I not only stink at bowling in real life, I also stink at bowling on the Wii. Even when my Mii is Darth Vador. I also stink at Dancing With The Stars... the game that eventually caused me to cave in to Aaron's wanting a Wii for Christmas.

After Charlie and I were done bowling, he wanted to play "punching", better known as boxing. So I set it up for him. I had things to do, so it was just Charlie boxing some random Mii character. Who turned out not to be so random.

As I am picking up the house, I hear Charlie say-

"Mom! I'm punching Jesus!"

So after his first Sunday as a Sunbeam, he clearly recognizes Jesus. Even while playing Wii.
Could a mother be any more proud?

I am proud to report that Jack is talking. First words are Daddy, cracker, and ba-ba. Still not walking, though he did stand up in the middle of the room Saturday night, apparently showing off for Maddy and her friends who were dominating the Dancing With The Stars game, because he has yet to do it since.

And really, this entire post is more of a journal entry so that I won't forget all of the above and that Jack likes to make monster noises. And also to remind me when I am so sad that I don't have babies anymore... that I should be so happy that I don't have to change poopy diapers.

Excuse me while I figure out what we're "taking out" for dinner tonight... and try to teach Charlie that we don't punch Jesus.


Spina said...

That is hilarious...Chars is anyway, not so much changing poopy diapers! You should just strap them to the pot next time!

grandma jojo said...

aaron im'd me today to tell me charlie's latest quote. brad and i laughed out loud, for real!

Katie said...

Ok, can Aaron tell Sean that he needs to have the changing poo diapers deal with me? That is so awesome! Sorry about the never-ending D. Love Charlie punching Jesus...good to know that our Primary teachers are doing their jobs!

Katie said...

P.S. I have a gift card to the Roof that we've had's yours!

Laura and the family said...

Clearly, Charlie is a comedian child!

Amanda Jane said...

after a round of Ecoli at our house last September I truly feel your pain! and good on Wii for being so open minded - so who won the match?

Alifinale said...

I think that is a good arrangement about the poopy diapers. I am sorry about the virus and so glad you didn't cook. Hey, I am terrible at bowling so as bad as I am on Wii it is still way better than real life. I want to try the Dancing with the stars game.

Aimee said...

I love your kids...poopy diapers and all. I miss you guys!

Wendy said...

I think we had the same thing the week before Christmas. I feel your pain. I love the punching Jesus....good luck with that.

Deby said...

My heart goes out to you with the mountain of diapers you have been in.

I'm so surprised that Wii even offers Jesus as a character!

Hey Maughan said...

OK one of my first days returning to blogs after what, five months? And I am hooked again. I love reading the adventures of fellow moms. Your stories are so funny! Hang in there...these are the days we will miss (or so they say :)