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After The Day I've Had...

M: "I deserve to have dinner at 'The Roof' tonight."
A: "You so do!"

That was over gmail chat today at like 4:45pm. T-minus 45 minutes and counting until Aaron is home from work.

I think I changed 45 poopy diapers today. Maybe 46. There is a virus going around that gets all the credit. Lock your kids in the house. Don't have any friends over. This virus will have you in dirty diapers up to your eyeballs, and ruin any sense of smell you have.

The good news is that since I've changed so many disgusting diapers, I am not about to make dinner. And Aaron and I have a deal that whenever he is home (including the weekends) and there is a poopy, he gets to change it. It's a great arrangement most of the time.

In other news, today Charlie and I played a few rounds of bowling on the Wii while Max was at school, and Jack was napping (and pooing while he napped). And for the record, I not only stink at bowling in real life, I also stink at bowling on the Wii. E…