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The 12 Days of A Merry Christmas

And boy, was it a merry Christmas. And I've had no time to document it. So here I sit, taking a break from the recovery cleaning effort, and my threats to spank little boy bottoms to remember and record what it was all about.

12 days... at a minimum, we had 12 days of whiny, tired kids on a sugar high. Or just the plain ol' Christmas high. Whatever it was, I hope after today, it's over.

11 days... of working. I started my dream job! Working from home, for Franklin Covey, minimal hours. And I love it, so far.

10 days... of vacation for Aaron. I don't know if he will make it the entire time. He's usually ready to go back to work after a 3 day weekend. But I will LOVE everyday that he is home!

9 days... of shopping. I spent one Wednesday late afternoon/evening with my best girlfriends (and Jess' sister) having a really slow dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (no WONDER the wait is forever) but enjoying some good times while shopping, and watching Jess threaten to punch the Toys R Us checker-girl unless she gave me the sale price for the skateboards I wanted. (All of the skateboards were 50% off except for the 2 I happened to pick up.) Thanks Jess.

8 days... of saying "If you don't knock it off, I am going to send Santa an e-mail telling him you don't deserve ANY presents!"

7 days... of snow. It was a white Christmas!

6 days... of Christmas parties, including the ward Christmas breakfast that I stormed out of during the Bishop's touching remarks. Give me a holiday, a crowd, and 3 misbehaving kids, and I will find the war path all the way home.

5 days... with Aaron's parents. It was their very FIRST Christmas in Utah, and will probably be their last. They prefer sunny CA weather to the snow, and I can't say that I won't want to join them come January.

4 days... of mailing Christmas cards. Will I ever get them all sent out? Ever?

3 days... of Parker attempting to get his drivers' license. Note- unless you gave birth to the child, you can't be the legal signature on the required papers. But the phrase "I'm adopted" seems to work like a charm. So he's driving. And I love that he can run Maddy to piano, and grab some french bread at the grocery store.

2 days... of food shopping. I have 25 packets of unopened turkey gravy if anyone is interested.

1 day... of surprises that included a Wii! (Thanks Katie and Jillian!)

I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas. And wishing you all a wonderful year in 2008!


k8shoe said…
I need to throw out the rest of our Christmas candy cuz the sugar highs and tantrums are still happening at my house. Can't wait for Monday!
Alifinale said…
I love the recap...but overall sounds like a great Christmas - even with the tantrums and threats. Or maybe that is what makes Christmas, the tantrums and craziness.
Abby said…
I'm sad I missed Christmas with the fam. Next year!
Anonymous said…
I love that Santa has upgraded to email! Sounds like you guys had a great time and congratulations Parker!
Great recap and I am your girl if your dealing with idiot employees at toys r us. You have to admit that was a little ridiculous! I think we will prob see you tomorrow if we can swing the babysitter thing. Talk to you soon!
grandma jojo said…
We had a great time. Spending Christmas with you guys and Josh was so fun. A little cold, but fun all the same. Thanks for sharing with us! We love you guys.
Wendy said…
Amen to whiny, tired kids on a sugar high.
I am glad you had a great Christmas!!!
Papa Randy said…
Great day in the morning. Well great day all during the holidays. Thanks for the witty update. You are so clever. I am very happy that you are happy. We sure love family at my house too and we just deal with all that it brings. We are sad to see the holidays go because most of our kids go too. Well at least back to their home. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

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