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The 12 Days of A Merry Christmas

And boy, was it a merry Christmas. And I've had no time to document it. So here I sit, taking a break from the recovery cleaning effort, and my threats to spank little boy bottoms to remember and record what it was all about.

12 days... at a minimum, we had 12 days of whiny, tired kids on a sugar high. Or just the plain ol' Christmas high. Whatever it was, I hope after today, it's over.

11 days... of working. I started my dream job! Working from home, for Franklin Covey, minimal hours. And I love it, so far.

10 days... of vacation for Aaron. I don't know if he will make it the entire time. He's usually ready to go back to work after a 3 day weekend. But I will LOVE everyday that he is home!

9 days... of shopping. I spent one Wednesday late afternoon/evening with my best girlfriends (and Jess' sister) having a really slow dinner at The Cheesecake Factory (no WONDER the wait is forever) but enjoying some good times while shopping, and watching Jess threaten to punch…

From Our Family To Yours

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best in 2008!

Picture With Santa 2007

Of course, there is more to the story that I don't have time to tell you about right now. But for my family... enjoy the photo. And be sure to notice Maxwell's untied shoelaces, Jack's constipated look, and Charlie's flushed and chapped cheeks that look like I smeared self tanner on them. (I didn't.)