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It Was A Pink Thanksgiving

The day we left for St. George, Charlie & Jack woke up with pink eye.

The conversation in my head went something like this:

Angel Me: Should we still go?
Devil Me: Of course you should still go! You can't cancel a trip like this! Everyone is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in St. George. Go!
Angel Me: But pink eye is the most contagious disease in the world. If anyone so much as looks at them, they will end up with it. And we are staying with 2 other families.
Devil Me: Call the doctor, get an antibiotic for the boys, and keep them quarantined until they aren't contagious anymore. Everything will be fine.
Angel Me: Promise?
Devil Me: I promise. Now go call the doctor, you little worry wart, you.

So, we went to St. George and had a great time! And no one else got pink eye... until the day we came home. (Sorry Shauna.) And then Maddy woke up with it this morning. (Dang it!) Anyway, here is a quick jaunt down memory lane from our unconventional, non-traditional Thanksgiving in red rock country.

- We spent 5 days in a very nice, resort-like house, thanks to the Peays (we loved every minute of staying there and are so grateful to you guys for sharing it with us!), with the Romines and Sorensons (part of the time... we had to share them with family), and it had 3 large, flat screen t.v.'s, a foosball table, and an amazing view!

- For Thanksgiving, we went to Chuck-A-Rama, and we timed it just right. The rolls & honey butter were melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and you just can't go wrong with buffet style food, where the kids can choose to eat whatever they want, where desert is unlimited, and someone else does the cooking AND the dishes.

- After Thanksgiving dinner, we beat the crowd, yet again, and saw Enchanted. (Yes, Aaron, I think Patrick Dempsey is attractive. No, I do not love or lust him.) Cute movie for the kids. And tolerable (on the verge of "it was cute") for the adults.

- Parker and his team made it to the FINAL game in the soccer tournament. They usually win every year, so this year they decided to play up 2 years. Which means they were playing soccer teams made up of 18 year olds. They ended up playing the 18 year old team from their club (Arsenal), end of the game were tied 2-2, went into overtime, went into shootout... where they lost by 1 goal. 1 GOAL people. It was an exciting game! And we are so proud of all of them- especially Parker!

- We uncomfortably watched Joe cry when the Utes lost to the Cougars. We were pretty excited about it, but we didn't want to rub it in...especially since we had to spend one more night in the house with him.

- Shauna and I enjoyed minimal crowds during Black Friday in St. George. Although fun, it just wasn't the same being away from "our regular stores" and without Jess. But we found some good deals, and enjoyed a refreshing diet coke at the mall's food court.

- St. George has one of the best Costco's I've ever been to.

- I learned that playing Electronic Monopoly (HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!) with two 13 year girls is really fun. I had to quit after 3.5 hours of money madness.

- Jack slept like a screaming banshee almost every night. Like me, he obviously prefers his own bed. But I did enjoy some sweet cuddle time with my baby.

- I realized that I am going to have to find the joy in nature. Max and Charlie LOVED hiking in the red rock- absolutely loved it. Good thing I brought my hiking shoes. (I just about broke my ankle. Wedges and rocks don't really work well together.)

- I watched Mission Impossible 3, Transformers, Hairspray, The Santa Clause 3, The Family Man, and Blue Crush. I was in movie Heaven!

- We had a really great time. A really, really great time! Thanks again to the Peay's. And to the Romines and Sorensons... it wouldn't have been half as much fun without your families there!

And next year... I think we'll stay home to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving Day. Because although I'll have to make a turkey and clean up a huge mess... my Black Friday will be more enjoyable with my stores, and all of my friends... 'cause that's what Thanksgiving is really all about.



Wendy said…
Looks like lots of fun! How wonderful the boys played so well two brackets up!!!
Alifinale said…
Sorry about the pink eye but I say you made the right decision. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving...Chuck-A-Rama?
Katie said…
You did it the right way! We were freezing up in Cache Valley while you were out enjoying the nice weather in Southern Utah. I might try that next year!
josh said…
Thanks a lot mandee, I got pink eye too!
Aimee said…
You didn't like Enchanted? I LOVED it!
Deby said…
It sounds like it was a lot of fun. Minus the pink eye, of course.

I love the pictures of everyone. Don't worry, you'll love hiking. It is good exercise and a great way to let the boys get dirty. I can't wait until Logan is old enough to walk so we can do some of the really mild trails around here.
Deby said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
grandma jojo said…
we missed you, but enjoyed the phone calls.
get ready cause here we come!!!!! i hope you were serious when you said you wanted us up there for chirstmas.
Spina said…
I want those shoes!
Laura said…
That's a good way to create your own enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family! I loved seeing Charlie smiling for the picture.. and also enjoy looking at little hands holding to each other (way too cute!)
Joe Romine said…
Cry? that right. C'mon, it's not nice to lie in your blog. Cry isn't the correct nor proper word to describe my feelings. I would prefer you use the following: angered, angry, browned-off, choleric, cross, heated, incensed, indignant, irate, ireful, livid, mad, pissed, riled up, sore, ticked off, underworld, waxy, worked up, wrathful, wrathy, wroth, wrought-up. Does that sum it up? Awesome trip!
-Joey Romine
Anonymous said…
What trip were you on? Was it different than ours? How did you watch so many movies? Is that what you were doing all those hours in the bedroom that we didn't see you - figures. Thanks for including us in a great weekend! GO UTES!!!!

Mandee said…

seriously... my account of our trip differs that much from yours? So Joe didn't actually shed tears, but I think he wanted to. And yes, I was watching movies while chained to the bad with my screaming baby who refused to sleep. I am so boring to vacation with.

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