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Sick of It.

Another overly used phrase of mine. When Aaron is mocking me, he will say it long and drawn out. And monotone. "Siiiiiiiiick oooooooof iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

His mocking me is a good thing, though. It turns my crappy mood into a "I hate it when you make me laugh when I still want to be grumpy, but I can't because you are so retarded." (Sorry, I know that is so not PC. Please don't be offended.)

But, I'm really sick of Halloween, and I'm ready for it to be over. Over. So over. And I am going to agree with The Scrooge of "Trunk or Treating", but my reasoning is not about politics.

My reasoning is because when a neighborhood or ward decides to have a trunk or treat, then I, as the mom, actually have to go. Because if I didn't go, I would be missing "the event". As opposed to just staying home while Aaron takes the boys around the neighborhood. In that case, "the event" is the neighborhood, which I am still a part of, in my cozy house with my roaring fire, hot chocolate, and pajamas.

So, I think we should boycott the trunk or treat. For the reasons above, and also because our ward already had a Halloween Party tonight. So I've been "Halloween social" already.

And Aaron's work has their annual "desk or treat" tomorrow afternoon. Which will be the 2nd time this year that the kids will be celebrating the devil's holiday. I mean, really, do we need to trunk or treat? Or can I get off the hook, and call it good.

Cause I am so sick of it.


Hailey said…
For the first time in forever, we live in a neighborhood that trick-or- treats the old-fashioned way, and I say it's about time! (Not that our old neighborhood wasn't awesome...)
But I am also over Halloween. Especially after just getting back from Wal-Mart on Halloween eve. Now THAT was horrifying!
Alifinale said…
Bahumbug! I am still on the 1 kid and this stuff is fun phase. But we are staying home tonight because enough is enough. Don't fret, today it will all be over. Happy Halloween!
Anonymous said…
I hate the trunk-or-treat thing! Our neighborhood tried to start that last year. Luckily it didn't catch on.
Anonymous said…
I'm with Josh...I hate trunk-or-treat! I've only done it once and wasn't impressed at all. I like the old fashioned way of walking around the neighborhood with your kids. So much more fun! So I say ditch it. :)
rabidrunner said…
I am so honored that you called me the "Scrooge of Trunk or Treating." (And just between you and me...making it about politics was my meager attempt to get Spouse to read it. He goes ape poo over politics.)
You are not the only ones who is sick of it!!! I'm not in any spirit for this year, either...
Kim Simpson said…
Since we have been to two trunk or treats and are now doing the traditional door to door tonight, I have to jump on your bandwagon of being so so over halloween.
I hate trunk or treat! I think if you live in an area where you don't know your neighbor, then it is probably a good idea. But really here in Utah do you need it? You end up buying double the candy because they trunk or treat you at the church and then they come to your house. (my kids are included in that) Anyway, I am with you on the whole Halloween thing. I swear the decorations came out in the store in about July so really, I've had enough!
Rachie said…
Love it...and sad it is over because I have a HUGE bowl of candy left at my house.
Mandee said…
We totally ditched it. And it was the best decision ever.
k8shoe said…
We missed you at the trunk-or-treat but I'm starting to see why people would get sick of it. Luckily my kids only went to 1/4 of the cars so we didn't quite the load of candy I was afraid of and it was a lot quicker. But it made me sad that we only had a few trick-or-treaters to our house. I'm thinking that enough people threw up a stink about it that there won't be a trunk-or-treat next year. And I'm sad that I didn't even get to talk to you at the carnival!

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