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Party Pictures


Dang, I LOVE these guys!

And these sweet dimples, too. And that chocolate cake!

And she's pretty stinkin' cute, too!

And c james LOVES chocolate cake... or any kind of cake... or any piece of food, for that matter.

And we all think Stefi is so pretty!

And the family party is never complete without these two!

Or a ride in the Cozy Coupe!


Heidi and Rich said...

Our boys love their red car too. I just wish we owned two so they could both ride in comfort, style, and peace simultaneously.

Heidi and Rich said...
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Laura said...

Oh I love seeing your boys having chocolate all over their mouth, especially Charlie behind the mustaches and on his shirt. Don't kids make us crack up???

grandma jojo said...

love the groucho look! wish i could have been at the party. i miss you all so much.