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Mom Date

I took Charlie and Jack on a mom date last Friday. And I decided that I need to do that more often.

I've been in a funk this last week. Unable to really wake up in the mornings. I drag myself out of bed, make a bottle, and 2 bowls of cereal, turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and hope that I can squeeze in another hour of sleep on the couch.

And I've had to turn the fireplace on because it's cold.

And I am dragging for the rest of the day.

And then around 3pm, I feel like I need to take a nap. And if you haven't seen my calendar, I am usually in the car at 3 pm... driving... and really wishing I hadn't given up Diet Coke- AGAIN.

But Friday was my turn to drive in the preschool carpool. So, I figured while we were out, and all of us fully dressed, with hair gelled into perfectly formed faux-hawks (not me, just the boys), we might as well treat ourselves to lunch. And I really like The Deli at Thanksgiving Point, and since it's just down the street, it was the perfect choice.

Apparently every other mom with 2 kids and a stroller in tow had the same idea. And I don't blame them. Thanksgiving Point is a very family friendly place to have lunch. Plus they have the best fries, and fry sauce. And they serve Coke products. (I regrettably refrained from filling my cup up with DC, and instead chose the lemonade. I hate when I do that.) But Fresca is not an option. I love Fresca- when is it going to become an option?

Food: ****
I had the turkey+avocado on focaccia- and it turned out not to be focaccia. But the pumpkin bar was amazing. And the ice cream pub is 2 steps to the east.

Very casual, lots of tables, options to sit outside if the weather is good, and lots of room for strollers.

I wouldn't say it's cheap, but I wouldn't call it pricey either, and if the bread had been focaccia, I would have given it another star.

Kid Friendly:*****
Very, very, very. With lots of options just around the corner to help entertain the kids, or really super-size fun day with mom. Like the Dinosaur Museum, and a variety of Halloween activities to choose from.

Thanksgiving Point: 4.25 mini-stars (or asterisks. mini-stars are cuter, though.)

And I think I'll try a mom date again, real soon, 'cause it was good times!


NEVA said…
I love that you did that with the boys! I'm sure they had a FABULOUS time, you're a good mom.
Deby said…
How fun! I'm sure the boys loved their fauxhawks and going out to eat with you. I can't wait until my two are a bit older so we can go on lunch dates too.

I totally understand the dragging, that is why I decided to try and change my way of thinking. It was just getting too hard to get everything done and feel like I wasn't a zombie. Then my chitlins' were bored and very UNhappy which just made the whole thing worse. My heart goes out to you.

My fireplace is on right now too. :)
grandma jojo said…
fire place? it's 84 out there today!
i was a little concerned when i read about the fauxhawks, until you clairfied that it was the boys that had them.
what a good mom to take the littlest boys on a date. i know they loved it.
Anonymous said…
I am Amy's friend (old mission companion) from Seattle..I'm a blog hopper!

How did you ever quit the DC? I can't through a day without the Diet Coke, and I really want to quit! Any advice? :)
RACHIE said…
Those a very sweet times. I am sure the boys loved it!
heather said…
You need a morning walking partner - that's the only way that I get my day going. I walk at 6:00 and when I get back, I'm all awake and ready for the day! You can't not wake up if you've been out in the fresh air.
lacey said…
Okay Mandee, I am a one-outing-a-day kinda-girl with my bottom two- and it's not at a deli. I will enjoy every lunch date I *wish* I had with them through you and this post. I will pretend I had a great pumpkin bar (like what is that?). I will pretend I ate a yummy turkey sandwhich with lemonade. I just cannot BARE the thought of lunch out with them! Am I a rotten mom or what? You climbed a serious mountain of mine. I think you SHOULD lay on the couch tired in the morning ;)
Mandee said…
In response-

I wouldn't say I am a nice mom- more of a selfish mom. Had I been thinking about my kids enjoyment, we would have gone to McDonalds.

How I quit diet coke- I haven't, totally. I still splurge when I go out to dinner, or when I am having a hard day, and just need to indulge. But what has helped so much is finding a non-caffeinated, non-diet drink that I enjoy just as much- Fresca.

Heather, it would KILL me to get up at 6am and walk- especially outside when it's FREEZING! Maybe a treadmill at 8am- in my house. I should put that on my Christmas list.

And Lacey- I will post a recipe for a similar pumpkin bar, and you will love it. AND, I was prepared for the outing. That's the ONLY reason my mom date was successful. The kids were happy, napped, and I knew as long as I ordered some fries, Jack would be happy!
Laura said…
Have you ever took pictures of your boys with their fauxhawks hairdo? I would love to see it, too.

Hey, I have to say I was brave enough to spend the money for the "fake" log for our firework because I had long wait for it. But unfortunately like Grandma Jojo said it was 84 degree, I can't do that either until the weather gets colder. Having a fireplace on makes feel so relax. I am sure you felt the same too.

Treadmill? if anyone can donate me one, I would love to have one because I think this is the only time I can get exercise since I worked all day and at home with the kids on their homework. HUMM???

As far as for Diet coke, I had the same problem, but I also learned to switch to Diet Snapple (it has no caffeine or sugar)
Sounds like a fun day! I only have Chloe home now so I should probably do mom and daughter dates. She would like that better than running my errrands with me.
You're a good mom!
Gretchen said…
Why do you reject the Diet Coke and make it so sad and lonely? You should love and honor the Diet Coke! Partaking of its delicious life-invigorating joy is the best part the day for any woman on the go!

Do not deny the power of the Diet Coke!

I have one a day ... and it really is the best part of my day. Other than when I go to bed. That's a great time too.
Kim said…
do not deny yourself the sweet fulfuilling enjoyment of your diet coke. Sometimes it is the only thing I look forward to on my really bad days!

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