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Sometimes, I have to ground myself from blogging. Or from computer crack entirely. This weekend, it's just from blogging. Because I have better things to do, like...

-get over the flu (entirely)
-have a mom date with the little boys
-go on a date with my boyfriend/husband (same person)
-dress up for a Halloween party
-enjoy my life, cause I am a blessed girl


Alifinale said...

Sad for us but I hear ya. I need to ground myself sometimes. So what Halloween party are you going to? Is it hosted by someone I know and will also be attending? That would be fun.

rabidrunner said...

Where on earth did you get that spectacular attitude? Does it take the flu? If so, maybe I should come over and expose myself to it.

I'm having a bad attitude week.

Hailey said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Sara said...

Feel better soon!

Katie said...

I'm such a loser friend....I totally forgot to ask how you are feeling? Are you all better?