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Family Pictures '07

I believe in having family pictures taken every year. And I believe in paying money, sometimes a lot of money, to have them taken. Because it will remind me of how cute my kids were at that age. And because I love to put them up in my house. I love to make them HUGE and hang 'em up on the walls.

And knowing that my SIL, Kelly "K.M." McCaleb, is an upcoming, and very talented photographer, I decided that I would ask if we could squeeze into her very tight, and almost totally booked, schedule.

I had a few hang-ups in asking her though. Because she's family. And I didn't want to get into the "you don't have to pay me" conversation. And if the pictures didn't turn out, I didn't want her to feel bad. I wasn't worried about whether or not I would like them because- first of all, I never don't like pictures of my kids, and second of all, I've been really impressed with her talents lately.

So, I got over the hang-ups. And asked. And like I was hoping she would, she said yes.

It was a Sunday afternoon. After church. And she had mentioned that she wanted to take some pictures on the front porch of our home, before going to the "real" location.

And then it turned into, "let's just stay here". And let's just say, it was the best, my most favorite of all, photo shoot(s) in the history of our family. Because the pictures were taken where we are a family. Where we are safe and happy. Where my kids are relaxed, and playful, and in the mood to pose.

And as you can see, Maddy and Charlie were especially happy to pose for Kelly and her camera.

Thanks Kel. I extra, mucho, very, tres, super LOVE them like I've never loved our family pictures before!


gorgeous family! very cool photos. is she for hire?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Shut up, wht a picture perfect group - your family needs to be on the front of a magazine
Anonymous said…
Mandee said…
she is for hire! you can contact her from her blog. Or I can give you her # if you "chat" me.
grandma jojo said…
love them, all of them; people and pictures. question: is parker practicing grandpa's look?
Aimee said…
So so so amazing! Kelly is very the angles...but she did have it easy with such gorgeous people!
Deby said…
How talented she is for capturing the sparkle that is in each of you.

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I especially love the one of you and Aaron together.

BTW, I wish I had your hair.
lacey said…
Mandee! How cute are you and your family! What PERFECT pictures. Darling, darling, darling. Can't say it enough :)
Beautiful pictures!
I love the pictures! They all turned out so great. I can't believe how old Maddy and Parker are. Time goes by way too fast!
Alifinale said…
I love them! How fun to have such a talented photographer in the fam. They turned out perfect, magazine cover perfect.
Hailey said…
They are awesome--the STOP one is hilarious!
Hi Famous Mandee!
This is Lacey's little sister. I could not pass it up...those pictures ARE awesome! I wish I had family I too could ask!
Abby said…
Chars is too freakin cute! And Max needs to model for JCrew's Crewcuts! They are all getting huge, I'm not loving that so much! Kelly did a really good job! Love them!

Jaime said…
Mandee the pics were amazing! I can't believe how big your family is!
Urmston Family said…
Great pictures. We actually are going this Saturday to get our family pictures done. We'll be sure to post.
Anonymous said…
kelly's photos are the best! thanks for sharing - so fun!
Jenn N. said…
I love them Mandee! Are you doing a Christmas card this year? You need to.
Anonymous said…
You all are so photogenic.
Excellent picture of you and Aaron, love it.
rabidrunner said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
k8shoe said…
You guys are all SO handsome and beautiful! I love all the pictures but I think I love the one of Charlie by himself the best. He's too cute for words! Good job Kelly! Yes Mandee, you definitely need to use one of these for Christmas cards!
k8shoe said…
I just noticed there are quite a few of "just Charlie" pics...I especially loved the one of him leaning against the brick.
grandma jojo said…
i'm thinking i "need" several of these pics. where do i place my order?
Amy Coontz said…
So cute, I LOVE the one with the stop sign.

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