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We're sick at our house. Sneezing, green, runny noses, hacking coughs, whiny kids, a grumpy mom. (Aaron, I'd like to cash in a sick day, please?)
And seriously, how many days of preschool will we have to miss because of it? I know, I know... I can't send him with green snot running down his face- but when he feels fine otherwise, it's hard not to be tempted. Especially when he is tormenting his younger brother. CONSTANTLY. And especially, again, when it means that I am averaging $30 bucks a day in tuition for the days that he's actually there. I can't afford that. That is prime babysitting, I mean, learning time and opportunity. So, if you can't tell already, it's killing me that he's missing preschool. Literally, killing me.

And in case you haven't checked back on your own, I thought I would update you on some past post comments and meme tags.

First of all, I have to say that I wasn't sure if Mrs Dub would actually go through with it- but she did! And I loved reading about her love story with Mr. Dub.

And c jane, everyone's favorite (and now pregnant) blogger posted hers yesterday! Aaron said "she won't do it..." and I said "yeah, she will..." and now he owes me dinner somewhere delicious. I'm feeling like Macaroni Grill, this weekend. Although, Cafe Rio take out while watching Dateline at home is also one of my favorite dates.

And Katie- the one who totally got me all wrapped up in the Twilight books (I'm finally finished, so I can go on with my life now, while, still, obsessing daily about what will happen in the next book, and dreaming about Edward and Carlisle). And who I also thought I could count on to play along... is totally putting me off. Whatever, Katie.

And of course, my little brother Mikie, who said I remind him of Tori Spelling finally chimed in. Like, a week after I posted about my devastation. And this is what he said-

"All of you are tards... I told Mandee Tori reminds me of her because of the dumb grunts and noises she makes and how normal she acts on the show. I never once said, 'Mandee you look so much like Tori Spelling.' It's not the looks, it's the sweetness and goofyness that reminds me of Mandee. Did you see her get in the tub with that mouse to save it from Dean? Totally Mandee... Or when she deturds the shrimp for their first guests and Dean is totally nice to her about screwing up, totally Aaron and Mandee. I know Mandee isn't an ugly 90210 girl. Mandee I apologize for making you feel bad about this. You know I'd tell you if you were ugly, but you're not and I'm not on crack. Thanks all you turd burglers for taking Mandee's devastated side before even knowing the truth about the commment. By the way, case and point on her whining about a comment just to get attention... So Tori."

Only Mikie can get away with insulting me again, but somehow making me feel like it was a compliment. I love you, Mikie!

In other news... Parker has his FIRST homecoming dance this weekend. (I can feel a post devoted entirely to that experience brewing.) And Maddy made the school volleyball team. (Whew.) She almost missed tryouts entirely, so it was a huge relief when the call came that she made it! Maxwell is enjoying 3 days of preschool this year (when he doesn't have a green runny nose.) Charlie is completely defiant, and I'm ready to send him to wilderness camp. And Jack, who is usually not a snuggler, has been wanting to snuggle lately. And that makes me very happy.


Alifinale said…
Being sick is the pits, especially when he could be in preschool. Man that is sad days. Glad that Mikie doesn't think you actually look like Tori and glad to hear about all the other updates.
Aimee said…
Mandee your family it the best! I could hang out with your sibs ALL the time....they crack me up!
Aimee said…
I just realized that I left you out...when I am hanging out with your family you are totally invited as you crack me up too!
k8shoe said…
Mandee, I will do it soon. It just involves a little more since I have to get my husband to give me some undivided attention for more than 5 minutes (which is hard with his theater project always consuming his every waking hour at home). Also, sorry about the runny noses. That is the worst...and I'm waiting for it to happen to us soon (it's inevitable with Roman in nursery).
Neva said…
I love Mikie, he is so funny. Send Chars over to my house for wilderness camp, I he is so fun to watch. He is so funny and cute! Remember, Mandee to stop and smell the roses, life is too, too short to wish your sweet liitle boys away, I know you're not serious and you love them, but also try to enjoy them.
love you, Mom
Anonymous said…
I knew something was wrong. I was just about to call today to find out, what the. . .?
Sorry everyone is sick. Did it start with Max just getting the crunchy ones?
Chars can come here to wilderness camp. It truly looks like a wilderness outback right now. The "boys" would love to have Chars face to lick.
Jack Jack come let me cuddle with you.
Good news about Maddy and volleyball. Yea, Maddy.
Parker is going to the homecoming dance? Noooooooooooo. Stop. We can't be having that now.
And, finally to Mikie, you are a crack up. I will try not to be offended ~ being called a turd and all.
Feel better family.
I love you.
amanda jane said…
I really getting a kick out of ease droppin on your life. Thanks so much for the laugh - or should I thank your brother? Good luck with your little ones, I feel just the same about preschool.
Deby said…
Bummer about the sickies! I am sitting at home with all three of my chitlin's having runny noses. At least Katya can use tissue on her own. Alexis keeps trying to lick them with her tongue (yulky).

I'm sure that you could use a mental health day by now. Maybe you can get your mom to come over and relieve you for a few hours.

Keep the faith, sister!
I think you both owe me dinner. That is what I think.

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