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Pay It Forward

Remember back when I was one of the "chosen ones" of c jane's pay it forward? Well, two things about that.

1. I really thought I was going to end up with a "prize" from
c jane... not realizing that the "prize" was being interviewed by the Blogger Queen, herself. Duh.
2. By being chosen, I am now contractually obligated to pay it forward via my blog. And I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how I can follow through with such a HUGE project. I mean, I have to randomly (I guess it doesn't have to necessarily be random, but how else would I choose?) pick THREE people to share my talent (whatever that may be) with.

And talent. I've spent my entire life trying to figure out what mine is. Because I am pretty sure that it's a singular noun in my life. If it even exists.
But I do have favorite things. So, I've decided that my pay-it-forward will be a package of random, but favored things of mine. And I will call it, "Mandee's Favorite Random Things Pay-It-Forward".

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment (and make it good!) on this very post by 11:59 PM next Tuesday. I will give you all a few days to consider the commitment you will be making.


If you are chosen, you will also be contractually obligated to pay it forward via your blog. But it can be whatever you choose, and however you choose to do it. You just have to do it.

And because I am feeling generous, I will choose FIVE lucky winners. And since I average about 10 comments per post, your chances are super good, I'd say!
Winners will be announced on Wednesday.

Take Luck! (that was for you Mikie!)


Coco said…
I can't believe I am the first to respond. I would love to be one of your pay it forwards!

I stock your blog more than leave comments, but I love to read your blog. I am glad you are friends with Rachie or I wouldn't have ever found your blog.
Emily said…
I have been wanting to leave a comment on your blog for a while now, but being that I am just a 'lurker' rather than a friend, I have held back. Well, now I guess there is an incentive. I believe we grew up for a time on the east side of Bakersfield (I'm a former Waite). Because you are a bit older I didn't get to know you at all. I found your blog through Jocelyn Delgado (funny how that works). Anyway, I LOVE your blog and I really look forward to your posts. You have amazing writing skills and a great way of expressing yourself.
Deby said…
Talk about good incentive to comment. I'd love to be a pay it forward too!

Pick me, pick me.

I'm glad that you are blogging again. I've missed reading about the exploits of the Grant family.
amanda jane said…
Hey, I started checking your blog after I saw you on C Jane. I was intrigued because I am a Mandee, too. I have never met anyone who spelled it like I do, so I began stalking you.
I love your take on enveryday realities, how you keep your sense of humor through everything! You make me want to look for more humor in my own life. So a Big Thank you!
Paying it forward seems like a great idea - so, why not come out of the closet, right? Keeping my fingers crossed.
rabidrunner said…
Here's my comment to keep me in the "running" for your paying it forward project. I figured that upping someone's karma might help up my own karma.

p.s. Is this similar to a lottery ticket arrangement? Meaning, if I make multiple comments does that increase my odds of being picked?
Alifinale said…
Ooh, Ooh, Pick me! I am always a faithful commenter and I love you and I think you are beautiful and you look like Vanessa Marcil, and you are so witty and talented and I love to read your blog and feel really cool that you comment on mine and I feel privileged to know you and I still think you are my adopted sister.

If that isn't the best comment I don't know what is.
Neva said…
Can I play?
Neva said…
I can't believe you heard from cute little Emily Waite. I'm so happy your blogging.
Carina said…
ooh! I'm in!
Anonymous said…
my comment is to give you some ideas of your talentsssssss (very plural).

1. you make such good food, and such good treats. very very yummy. you could send treats. or some of your best recipes, cause you've got lots i want.

2. you are the nicest person i know, or have ever met. you could have a lunch with the winners if they are local and they will see how nice you are. (trust me that is a god given talent, i know because i don't have it).

3. you make the cutest gifts- your wrapping, gift ideas, and attention to detail come to mind. you could pick out the cutest unique little thing and wrap it in cellophane with a ribbon (you know how you do it!) great taste.

4. you are an excellent writer. you could write stories/ interviews about the winners ala cjane.

5. you have a green thumb that i envy. you could pot some flowers or herbs for winners.

6. you are very good at locating every house for sale that's a good deal within a 20 mile radius of you. you could get all the winners financed and into houses in one neighborhood and call it "blogger heights" or something. you could also find them all jobs to pay for the mortgages, you are very good at helping people in those ways.

i lack all of these skills, so i would love to win!
Heidi and Rich said…
Well this post has already received 10 posts so you are off to a good start.
You have known me longer than most. In fact, I was so young when I met you that I don't even have memories from that early on. It seems like you were just always a part of my life. You were always my older sister's best friend but I secretly wished you were my BFF. You always treated me so nice - maybe it was to make up for Stehpanie's treatment!! Remember the whole car incident on the way to seminary? She stopped the car in the middle of the road to reprimand me - that would have been fine but the suburban was full of people ...including an ex of mine :) !! Anyways I have fond memories of our families spending time together - if only we could have Bako reunions. You have always impressed me and it is fun to be able to read your blog and feel in touch with you. Keep up the fun posts - you are very entertaining. I would love to pay it forward and make someone's day brighter!!
You’re trying to figure it out what s your talent and using plural nouns?? Hummm… I would say:

1)Patience- You have a lot of patience dealing with your five kids from 16 years old to 15 months old. Not only dealing with your own kids, you have patience to work with varieties of people who are hooked in reading your blogs. J

2)Intelligence- You have the abilities to use your Multiply Intelligence (Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Logical, Interpersonal, etc in and outside of creating new posts on your blogs. I know you may be wondering what does it have anything to do with the kinesthetic (Perhaps, it applies to this: convincing your dedicated readers using their keyboard by reading your blogs and replying to your messages.).

3)Excellence- always find a way to balance your time: spending quality of times with your family, writing your blogs, talking with the people who needs you, traveling, and going to variety of events. Excellence with Time Management!

5)Influence- you have ways to give positive influences to people to look at the bright side of life: uplifting their mood when you use senses of humor, promoting anyone who needs your supports. That includes your family and friends, even strangers.

5)Writer? Have you thought about you might be as well become a prominent writer ? I see that you have the potential to write books (such as “For Women Only, The Secret ways to have your readers read your blogs,” -Grins) or even articles for the journals.

Without a doubt, I am pretty sure you are discovering more about your own talents from reading the posts.
Eliza said…
Wow the pressure is on!! I love this idea of "pay it forward". I would love to be a random winner but must admitt that I am very taken by this idea so will have to do my own random talent give away. I know I don't know you very well Mandee but I very much doubt that Neva has any child with only one talent. I know not all talents can be boxed up and sent away but I do know you have much to share with everyone. Have fun picking the winners I can't wait to see what happens!
Anonymous said…
paying it forward is one of my favorite things. I found your blog through Kelly's, I love your outlook on life! Pick me and I would love to pay it forward.

emily said…
Okay, so you don't even know me, but I am Jessie's cousin and I stalk your blog. I know that Jessica told you that I do, so the word is out and you told her that I should be making comments. Well, I see no better time then now. However, I believe that I am comment #15 so my chances are getting smaller of getting chosen; however, here are my reasons for letting me WIN!!

#1 you don't know me so I will gladly and happily pay it forward to others you don't know and then the cycle will get bigger!(Paying it forward, what a great idea!)

#2 I stalk your blog and secretly want to be you. I think you could possibly be the funniest woman ever. You are where I turn when I am having a bad day and need a smile. I always wanted to be funny and I try to tell my husband that I am funny yet he doesn't seem to think so. I did however show him your blog and he laughed out loud and said, "now she is funny." And I am not jealous, reason #3 I should WIN.

I have a problem of obsessivly quoting movies and T.V. so I will leave you with this...

"Pick me, choose me, love me."
Likely said…
Emily Waite? I haven't sen her in ages. She was a couple years older than me growing up (I was her sis Amanda's age) but I remember thinking she was the PRETTIEST girl ever.

I'm going to click on her blog and see what she's up to. Maybe she can fill me in on Amanda too.

I would love to win because you have great taste and would put together something fantastic. Plus, I would love to pay it forward as well.
heather said…
I am so curious as to what are 5 of your favorite things. I don't want to miss out because you always do things big! smile
Jocelyn said…
This is such a fun idea! Sharing your talents or "loves" with others is so fantastic.
Anonymous said…
I am a friend of Amy Maughan (old mission companion...we are Team Biddle on her blog) who has you on the top of her blog...and I like to blog hop around! And since I've read your blog before...I thought I should comment!

I have really enjoyed looking at your blog here in Seattle as you are honest and have great taste! I appreciate good taste and honesty...they go hand in hand. I too am still trying to figure out what my "gifts" are in life, even after having our son a year ago (it took 7 years to get him!)

I love the pay it forward gift! I love to pay it forward. I always leave a quarter after a get a pop out of the pop machine so someone can have a nice surprise when they get a beverage. So while you might not choose me (some great comments!) I think this is such a lovely idea, and you are talented! Its a good reminder for the rest of us to pay it forward for others! Never think otherwise. What a gift to others to have your blog to read! Can't wait to read who you choose! :)
Anonymous said…
Team Bibble, I love finding quarters in pop machines. As a matter of fact, I love the when people say "Pop". It reminds me of my favorite book "The Outsiders". Pony Boy and Soda Pop Curtis.

I think Pony Boy and Johnny drank some "Pop" after their friend Dallas picked them up from the church they were hiding out in. I don't know what kind it was, but I am pretty sure it was pop.

Now, I'm not sure if Mandee likes Pop, but she once loved another drink. It was't even "Pop", but was a sparkling water called Clearly Canadian. Cherry flavored I believe.

I also believe Dallas, Pony Boy and Johnny...from the Outsiders...drove in a convertible, which reminds me of a one time dream car of Mandee's. However, while the car in the Outsiders was blue, Mandee's car would be black...a SAAB 900 I believe. I would have a rule tht the kids couldn't drink in the SAAB, because the leather would get ruined if they spilt. I don't think Pony Boy spilt, but I do know that in the movie he was eating a hamburger and had catsup all over his face.

"Catsup"...there is another interesting word.:)

Well, This comment makes number 20 and if you take away the zero, that would be two...and...I just revealed two little known facts about the Mandee who's blog we all love to read.

I think I'm gonna go buy some Pop and watch the Outsiders.
lacey said…
Okay, as stated on my blog, I consider you a famous blogger, and that said, am thrilled when you leave a comment. (I think, I can't believe it, SHE left a comment!)
One of the highest forms of compliments of course.
Thank you for allowing me a glimpse of your life by lurking your blog. Thank you for your tender and sweet and funny and honest posts. (I will still keep reading even if I am not picked.) As said, I am a forever fan.
Unknown said…
Like most I am a lurker, but I decided to leave a comment, just to say hi, no need to count me in as "one of the chosen." I wish you the best in your quest to "pay it forward"!
Eliza said…
I feel like such a dork but I have been thinking about this "pay it forward" all day. I can't wait to hear the results!!
Neva said…
Don't count me in for the drawing!
Rachie said…
I think I missed your deadline. But you can break the rules for me :)
Gretchen said…
Mandee, babe. Love your blog! And look here, I took a couple of days off and what do I find? You've had a contest - and I missed the deadline. Ack!

This is unfortunate, because I write really killer limericks. And who wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one of my limericks?

By the way, I'll just mention here that I am in total awe of how you manage all those kids and craziness! Talk about ROCK - STAR!

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