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One Week. 7 Sleeps. 168 Hours.

August 21st is The First Day of School.

Summer came and went way too fast this year. Way too fast. Especially when I saw that Target had put their summer line on clearance in June, and by July 1st had a full on back-to-school display. Now, I LOVE Target, and rarely find fault. Even when they bring out Halloween in August. But you can't end my summer in July. Especially before the 4th.

And while I was passing by the display, my gut told me to stock up on colored pencils since last year every set in the Nation was gone by the time school started, and Mrs. Smith, the Art Teacher, required that Maddy have 2 sets (one for school, and one for home). But I refrained. Until last week. I panicked. I bought 1 set.

All of the Open House's are this week, which means that all things back to school-ish will be SOLD OUT by Thursday morning. So, maybe, I should go back to Target tomorrow. Maybe.

But, about going back to school. It means that homework begins again. And I am really bad at math. I can help write an above A+ paper for history, but when it comes to properties, and formulas, and polynomials, I am useless.

It also means that volleyball will be starting. And real, scheduled soccer begins again. For Max this year, too. And I am trying to figure out how we can afford to have 3 kids playing sports this fall... financially, and schedully. (I just made that word up. I like it.)

But it also means that routine comes back. And an actual schedule. And cold, crisp air. And sweaters, and jeans. And fall leaves. And the smell of a pumpkin spice candle. And cream of potato soup. And college football- I don't know why, but I kind of like college football.

Because as much as I LOVE summer. And I love, love, LOVE summer. I LOVE fall, too. And I don't really know that any other nifty state can beat a fall's day in Utah.

So to celebrate the forthcoming of school, fall sports, and pumpkin spice candles, I changed my blog header. Just for my faithful readers. Because I know you like cute stuff just as much as I do.

Happy Back To School! And may you find all of your children's back to school supplies easily and cheaply! And NOT have to buy 2 sets of ANYTHING for Art class, or any other class, for that matter.

P.S. I was chosen (randomly by Chup) to be interviewed by CJane, as part of her "Pay It Forward" celebration. I feel like I won the lottery. Like Ed McMahon just showed up at my door. I enter Design Mom's drawings all the time, and NEVER win. It must have been my lucky day!


Mrs. Dub said…
pssst ... Don't tell summer but I'm also looking forward to fall.

Who am I?
NEVA said…
Wher's the snow, I'm looking for the snow?
RACHIE said…
I miss you Mandee. I love this post becuase I swear I was thinking some of the same things.

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I miss Utah in the Fall. It is just not the same here in Chicago.
Katie said…
Mandee, congrats on your lottery win! You deserve it. Also, I know what you can do for your "Pay it Forward" craft. Teach us not-so-creative types how to make our blogs interesting....basically teach us how to write like you. I know that's something that you probably were born with but I'll take any pointers I can get.
I know exactly what you are saying about school. The biggest problem I have is that I have been to Targe a zillion times lately with the intention of buying school supplies, but I buy other things and forget the supplies. I think they should change the name of Target and Costco to the "Hundred Dollar Store."

I also feel your pain with the sports. I am a little stressed also. (5 games every Saturday) Tell Parker Happy Late Birthday! Blake told me he saw him at Seven Peaks yesterday. How fun! Also, in my blog I showed a pic of Starr and she is pregnant with a girl, due in December. Yeah I know tiny. She is really showing for her!
rabidrunner said…
So... I'm reading the Secret. Do you know of the Secret? It's funny how they call it the Secret but then want to tell the world about it (see it wouldn't be a secret if others knew of it but I guess they wouldn't be making money on it either). Anyway, reading the Secret, and it says to visualize what you want. So I would suggest you visualize yourself in Fancy Banana Republic Pants demonstrating/teaching math to your kids. You could also visualize yourself throwing hundred dollar bills into the sky. That way, you could be paying it forward AND providing athletics to your children as well.

I'm sure it will work if you believe it will.
Alifinale said…
I love fall too. I think at the end of any season I just look forward to the next - but this year especially when fall means I can go on walks and other outdoor activities that don't include water. But I will miss the leaves and the mountains. I better make a trip up so I can enjoy beautiful fall in UT.

Congrats on being chosen. You are the coolest!
grandma jojo said…
i'm mentally jumping up and down because you were selected by cjane. i'm so happy for you.

granny, why are you looking for snow? cooler weather, wonderful; snow, not so much.

i was there when the state of utah ran out of colored pencils. it was seriously panic time. I'm so happy you bought some, just in case.
Mandee said…
Ok Mrs Dub. I give up! I have no idea.

Mom- the snow will be here soon enough. Don't rush it!

Rachel, I miss you too and can hardly wait for September 5th.

Katie- you use words like "nifty" and talk about things that you think no one will really care about, and then sometimes they do, and it's fun. And you use the word "and" a lot.

Jessica- 5 games! Seriously?

Rabid- I've been wondering about The Secret. I'll be anxious to read your synopsis about it!

And Ali- you need to come visit again so I can see you this time!
Deby said…
Luckily we bought Katya's school supplies this summer when we happened to be at Office Max. Which is a good thing since we won't be home until a week before Christmas and then the state of Oregon will be out of colored pencils, Sharpies and binders that Katya actually likes.

I am SOOOO looking forward to Fall - colorful trees, hot chocolate, boots, jeans and cozy sweaters. Winter this year with snow is going to be so much fun! Sledding with the munchkins will be awesome.
Deby said…
Ok, I'm tired. A week before school starts - not Christmas. Yikes!
heather said…
Knowing Deby, she probably already has her Christmas shopping done - that's why it was on her brain!

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