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In the Dark Corners of Hollister

Aaron and I had this conversation after dinner last night:

Aaron: So, I guess instead of using a backpack, Maddy is using a bag with "Hollister" on the front of it. (Let me clarify- he used the word "bag", when really, it is a "tote")

Me: Yeah, I saw it. Sami gave it to her for her birthday.

Aaron: Do you really think she should be carrying anything around that says Hollister on it?

Me: Why shouldn't she? (with my eyebrows trying to furrow, but unable to because of the Botox- this is a moment when I can't exactly express my true facial emotion.)

Aaron: Because some boy is going to see that she has a Hollister "bag" (tote) and think that she likes to hang out in the dark corners of Hollister! You've been in that store. You know what it's like. It's dark. Who knows what is going on in there!

Me: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You should blog about that.
(He refuses to blog about anything, by the way.)

But I wonder... does he have a point? I mean, he's a guy. He was in Jr. High once. I used an Esprit book bag when I was in Jr High, but I lived in Bakersfield and didn't have a local Esprit store... and I'm pretty sure Esprit didn't have dark corners or guys in it. It's just for chicks, right? Or it was. I don't know what happened to that place... but back to Aaron, and Hollister's dark corners, and the tote.

I think he's overreacting. But then again, she did have a boyfriend, which to her doesn't mean anything more than they "like" each other. And I know what she means. When I was her age, I "went with" Dan Nilsson, for 2 weeks. We didn't talk at all during our short lived relationship. And we didn't have cell phones to text, or e-mails to exchange to help profess our "like" for each other. And then one day he called to break up with me. And I cried until my mom told me to get over it. "Boys aren't worth crying over" she said. So I stopped. And then didn't have another "boyfriend" until I was 16. But he was away at school the entire time he was my boyfriend, so I never saw him anyway.

But my point in telling Maddy about my experience in this area, was to say "It's better to have LOTS of friends that are boys, so when you are 16, you can date LOTS of boys, and get to know LOTS of different people, personalities... blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

All the while she is doodling on a piece of paper.

"Are you even listening to me?" I asked.

Maddy: Yeah (while continuing her masterpiece)

Me: I just love you and want you to be happy, blah, blah, blah...

Maddy: Good night, love you too.

As a mom, you hope and pray that your kids listen to you. As a step-mom, you hope and pray that they listen to you AND wonder if all they are hearing is "blah, blah, blah..."

But the dark corners of Hollister? I'd rather ground her from the mall, than take away her favorite tote. And she is TOTALLY grounded from ever visiting their website. Pictures of 12 year olds kissing are so sick!


you can find a good dark corner anywhere ...even j crew and lavell edwards stadium. tell aaron that if he is really that concerned about hollister, he should tell her to stay away from dark corners, not from cute "bags."

btw, loved the tote correction. you are hysterical.

p.s. i am sure she was listening. even alma the younger heard what his father had taught him. i can't imagine that someone as cute as your little girl is any where near alma-the-younger-pre-angel status.
Anonymous said…
i had a much different kind of boyfriend at 12...and 13, 14, um 15 etc. and was quite secretive about it.
but i think maddy's an angel, and nothing like me. i agree with mrs. r completely.
ps- did you have botox or was that a joke i didn't get?
pps- i don't know much about hollister. but i do have to admit when i see kids flaunting the ambercrombie name i get uncomfortable- have their parents not seen the ads? porn.
Mandee said…
Good point Mrs. R- I will pass that along to Aaron.

Kelly- Hollister is Abercrombie's teen porn partner. And neither validate parking at The Gateway, in case you were wondering.

And yes, I totally had Botox. And I highly recommend it to anyone who has deep lines, like me.
k8shoe said…
Mandee, I love your braveness in admitting botox. I'm so proud! I'll be joining you one of these days soon, I'm sure. :) I agree with Mrs. R....the bag is not an advertisement for, "I'm willing to go into dark corners". You are a good mom and I'm sure Maddy appreciates it even just to know that you CARE about her. And if anyone else cares, Forever 21 doesn't validate either.....JERKS!
Gonzalez said…
I totally hear you on the boyfriend thing...we not only have one 14 year old to worry about, but two! (Twins) We made them a deal a few years back that if they graduated high school without kissing a boy then they would win a trip to Hawaii. I thought I was being so tricky and then one of the girls said, "Mom, can we make this effective now, regardless of the past?" Basically she was telling me that she had smooched a boy...but she was only 10, so it was probably a peck, but still! I worry so much about them and ONLY because I remember how I was. I wasn't bad, but I had kissed a few boys now and then and it scares the heck out of me! Not to mention when the twins tell me weekly, "Hey Mom, do you know that you could be a Grandma before your 40!" I guess they just know how to get to me with those little comments.

You always want whats best for your kids and I wish we could just lock them up in their rooms until they are 25...hopefully we've instilled enough trust (and threats)in them that they will come to us when major things happen.
Alifinale said…
This is so funny! I love that Aaron was concerned about the dark corners and I love the way you describe your JR. high boyfriend. That was so me. Anyway, I am sure you get through to Maddy more than you know. And way to go on the Botox and for not hiding it.
Laurel said…
Mandee you are so funny...hollister + tote = dark corners.

I will have to remember that when I have teenagers.
Okay, I laughed out loud at your hubby's Hollister comment...I must agree though, that place is pretty dark and mysterious and do they pump their cologne through the ventilation system? He may have a point! :)
Likely said…
I remember the first time I saw a Hollister in the Provo Town Center. I remember thinking - Is that place open? It looks like Outback Steakhouse in there. Sure enough, it was. So silly.

"Nice orange Hollister shirt Trevor"
"It's orange? It looked maroon in the store. I guess I really couldn't see anything"
"Yeah, bring your flashlight next time."
Likely said…
PS - who DIDN'T crush on a Nillson?
Mandee said…
I had a crush on Adam at one point... but I can't remember if it was before or after Dan.

And I couldn't figure out Hollister forever- can I go in there? Do I need a secret password to get in? Is it a Tommy Bahama store?
Anonymous said…
hilarious. kennedy & I just went in to a hollsiter store in ST Louis, & my eyes could register anything other than vague shadows. And a guy kept following us around refolding things that we looked at and respraying their cologne and turning up the music even louder...i assume to make us leave, because we weren't cool enough or skinny enough to fit into any of the clothes that they had on display. I'm sorry, but in the midwest there are NO teenagers that wear a size who are these cool, tiny people that they are hoping to sell to?
PS Let me know when you figure out the teen thing...i heard a lot of blah blah blah growing up, but i always knew deep down what was right and never crossed the BIG lines. Maybe they are hearing us after all.
This year it is Hollister, but what if next year it is Abercrombie & Filth?

I side with the husband on this one.

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