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History & Herstory- The Love Story of Aaron & Mandee


I feel like I can't breath. Like I can't relax. Like I don't want to answer my door, or my phone. Or talk to anyone. Or smile. Or even pretend to care that I care about anything. Cause I so don't care about ANYTHING today. Because...

I had 3 ecclesiastical meetings yesterday, people. THREE of them! That should totally be against church rules. Against any church's rules.

And my life is "bi-zeeee, bi-zeeee, bi-zeeee" (as quoted from the magician-bad-guy from Frosty the Snowman, circa 1969). And I really just want, and need to take a deep breath. Serenity now. An hour long, full body massage. Or a trip to Midway with the girls for Swiss Days on Saturday could also do the trick.

But, my BFF tagged me, and since I've never been tagged, specifically, and since she is my BFF, and since it's Friday, and since I've really missed the blog, and reading all of yours, I thought I would play along. But with my own, personal twist.

And I now present to you, the HE SAID, SHE SAID version of
The Love Story of Aaron and Mandee

1. Where did you meet your wife/husband?

He Said: UVSC parking lot

She Said: At at dance for single people ages 25-30, at UVSC. I was 24, and he was 32.

2. What was the first thing you said to your wife/husband?
He Said: Have you ever seen a dancers body before? It's ok, drink it in.

She Said: I like your Tiva's. Actually, I have no idea what I said to him.

3. Where was your first date?
He Said: I invited myself to join her and her friend on a trip to Harry O's in Park City

She Said: We went to Harry O's (a dance club in Park City) the night after we met, but I don't count that as a date. But I don't remember what our first "official" date was. Once, we hit golf balls and ate at Macaroni Grill. That was fun.

4. Where was your first kiss?
He Said: On the couch in her condo. Something we will both remember forever.

She Said: I don't remember, but Aaron said it was on the couch in my condo.

5. Did you have a long or short engagement/courtship?
He Said: I would say long to really long. It was pretty much just like the show "The Courtship of Eddy's Father", except I didn't have a kid named Eddy.

She Said: We dated for 1 year non-seriously. 7 months seriously. And we were engaged for 4.5 months.

6. Where did you get engaged?
He Said: I don't remember, but she swears it was in my condo.

She Said: In his condo... it's a long, but kind of cute story better saved for another day.

7.Where did you get married?
He Said: Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple

She Said: The Mt. Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah

8. How did the reception go?
He Said: Much better than I though it would.

She Said: We didn't have one since it was Aaron's 2nd marriage, and anyone who really cared that I was FINALLY getting married (at 26) lived in Bakersfield. We had a beautiful luncheon at the Alpine Art Center. And really, if I had to do it all over again, I would do it all different. And I'm sure that surprises no one.

9. How was the honeymoon?
He Said: Pretty good considering the word honeymoon has its roots in the Norse word "hjunottsmanathr" which was anything but blissful. Northern European history describes the abduction of a bride from neighboring village. It was imperative, that the abductor, the husband to be, take his bride to be into hiding for period of time. His friends assured his and her safe keeping and kept their whereabouts unknown. Once the bride's family gave up their search, the bride groom returned to his people.

Her family gave up after one day, and I returned to my people.

She Said: Awkward. Ha ha. But seriously. We got married on a Thursday, and spent the weekend at Deer Valley in Park City (it was gorgeous). We didn't want to go very far because we had so much family and friends who came in from out of town. And it just didn't seem right to leave town, when those people whom we love and spend so much time missing, just got there. So we hung out with family, slept in Park City, and went to our new ward on Sunday.

"Hi, we're the Grants. We just got married on Thursday and our neighbors, the Romines, are so relieved that we finally tied the knot, since the realtor told them when we bought our house 6 weeks earlier that we were just planning on living together."

Hello? Did I not look "Molly" enough?

And those are the first 2 years of Aaron and Mandee. And we still love each other. A lot. A LOT, a lot.

And the 3 people that I would like to "tag" (mostly because I am curious about your stories) are:

Mrs. Dub
c jane
Katie D.

Now, Mrs. Dub and c jane- I know that your daily blogging formats and schedules don't usually entertain this kind of stuff, but your readers would really enjoy hearing about your love history with your honey's. So, please. Just appease me.

And since Katie is now a part of my BFF Club, she'll tell us her story. And I'm sure it will be a juicy one!


Aaron said...

If I knew you didn't care about ANYTHING today, I wouldn't have answered these ridiculous questions.

Mrs. Dub said...

i'm all for appeasement.

look for it monday!

Coontz Clan said...

You are so FUN!! I love you blog so much!!

NEVA said...

Well, that makes me feel REALLY good, all the people that cared about you getting married lived in Bakersfield, and I lived here. hmmmmm

Katie said...

You two are so funny! I love this. But then I got to the bottom and saw that I got tagged! CRAP! Mine will never be as funny, witty, or interesting, as yours. I'll think about it.

Katie said...

P.S. I am so sorry that you had to endure the three meetings.....but please say you aren't giving up?

c jane said...

Hmmm I'll do anything for you Mandee.

c jane said...

By-the-way this was a good read. I'd like to meet this husband that you speak of.

Alifinale said...

Ah...precious. Very funny to hear both sides. I missed your blogs so quit being so busy.

Jaime said...

Ok Mandee that was great. I am glad you had time to blog. There is nothing worse then being so busy you can't do the things you really love to do.

Joey Romine said...

Would you like to hear about how Aaron & I met? It was the spring of 1988......ah...the memories. Cool springs, hot summers, pretty fall colors....

Eliza said...

I loved this post... so funny!!!