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I once had a neighbor girl tell me that I could have a "really great body if you just worked out". This was after I had just had Max and (for unknown reasons that have never repeated themselves) shrank back to my weight in Jr. High.

But the true devastation came the other day when my brother, Mikey, suggested that I watch "Tori & Dean, Inn Love", because "she reminds me so much of you." What the? For the love?
Don't ever tell anyone they remind you of Tori Spelling. That's just mean. Of course, this is coming from the brother who is never afraid to tell me that my butt looks big in a pair of pants, or when my hair looks like crap.

But, why couldn't he have been watching Las Vegas, or General Hospital, and called me to say "Oh my gosh Mandee, you look exactly like Vanessa Marcil!"?

Or, "You know, Mandee, I can't believe how much Eva Longoria reminds me of you when she is dressed modestly!"

Or have been watching "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and picked up the phone to say, "You dress so much like Audrey. Did you shop her Estate Sale?"

But no- it was Tori Spelling. A bottle blond, with extensions. Not at all cute, in my opinion. But for some reason she's much more likable as herself, as opposed to "fake acting" someone else. (Do you like that, fake-acting? As opposed to real-acting? 'Cause she is horrible at acting.) And granted, the entire first season of "Inn Love" she was pregnant, and I have been pregnant 27 months out of the last 59. So, maybe that was it.

But come on Mikey? Where is the love? And although, I'm not really a cleavage kind of girl (even if I had it), all 4 of us (Vanessa, Eva, Audrey, and myself) at least have dark hair.

I mean, seriously? Tori Spelling?

This is the last time I'm going to tell you. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

P.S. The show is mindless entertainment, but very entertaining. I'm hooked.


Alifinale said...

My bff from high school used to always get "you look like Donna on 90210" and she never watched the show so later asked someone who Donna was. The person kindly replied "she's the ugly one" Yeah, it sucks to be told you look like her. It isn't true though - your bro must be smokin' crack.

I have been told many a time that I look like Drew Barrymore - and this was pre-weightloss-kind-of-got-cute days. Very Devastating.

grandma jojo said...

what the. . .tori spelling? big butt? no way.

by the way, when did you have the botox? did it hurt. aimee and ben said it really stung (is that a word). but if it gets rid of the frown lines i think i might give it a try. i'm looking really crabby these days. well, o.k. i am really crabby these days but i dont' want to LOOK crabby. fill me in (pun intended) on the pain and results.

NEVA said...

Leave it to Mikie, you don't and never ever looked like Tori, geezzz, Mikie go get your eyes checked.
I think you look like the other 3 chicks, young, hip, cute with dark hair and no facial lines.
I would have loved to look like you when I was your age.
Love you, Mom

Mandee said...

That's my mom for ya. Thanks mom.

Craig and Jessica Smith said...

Okay Mikey is definitely smoking crack! You don't look or act like her. She is so whiny and drives me crazy. You are so darling and you do remind me of those other girls. You're much better. Sometimes guys say things without thinking. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Mandee said...

I posted pictures of the cute girls because I can only dream that in Heaven I will be super cute like they are. I always tell Aaron, "I will be cute when we get to Heaven, I promise." And not "Tori Spelling" cute.

JoAnn, Botox does sting a little- but the pain isn't any worse than getting your eyebrows waxed. Love the results. No side effects. Twice a year. Around $100 at my doctors' office.

Laurel said...

I hate to admit but I have watched T&D:IL (btw I think Tori has a cuter personality than I thought she would). The first time I saw the show I didn't want to watch but it was on and I was sitting on the couch so I did. Anyhow I watch it whenever I can and I always turn the channel before Mr. T comes in because he would TOTALLY make fun of me.

Jenn said...

When I first started watching my all-time fav show "Friends" all the guys said how hot Courteney Cox was. They swore up and down she was way hotter than Jennifer Aniston. One guy even named his baby girl after her. You look like Courteney Cox. You are way pretty and sleeky skinny. Tell Mickey I'll loan him some $$ for drug rehab. Poor Mickey.

Aimee said...

I saw the show once, and I couldn't stand not you! But I have to say....let donna graduate let donna graduate...90201 rocks!

Mandee said...

Jenn- I had to click on your name to know who you were- duh! It's MY Jenn! And I love you for saying that I am skinny.

Kim said...

Okay so I have to admit I have wathced the show, and it is somewhat entertaining, but what in the world was mikey thinking. I would never put you and tori spelling in the same sentence!

Katie said...

Yes, no similarities AT ALL between you and Tori. Looks or personality. I do see the Courtney Cox similarity though. P.S. Sean has a thing for Vanessa Marcil.....maybe for my sake you don't want to look just like her! :)

Anonymous said...

All of you are tards... I told Mandee Tori reminds me of her because of the dumb grunts and noises she makes and how normal she acts on the show. I never once said, Mandee you look so much like Tori Spelling. It's not the looks, it's the sweetness and goofyness that reminds me of Mandee. Did you see her get in the tub with that mouse to save it from Dean? Totally Mandee... Or when she deturds the shrimp for their first guests and Dean is totally nice to her about screwing up, totally Aaron and Mandee. I know Mandee isn't an ugly 90210 girl. Mandee I apologize for making you feel bad about this. You know I'd tell you if you were ugly, but you're not and I'm not on crack. Thanks all you turd burglers for taking Mandee's devastated side before even knowing the "truth" about the commment. By the way, case and point on her whining about a comment just to get attention... So Tori.

Mikie not Mikey, it's Mikie with an ie not an ey. Thanks.