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History & Herstory- The Love Story of Aaron & Mandee

I feel like I can't breath. Like I can't relax. Like I don't want to answer my door, or my phone. Or talk to anyone. Or smile. Or even pretend to care that I care about anything. Cause I so don't care about ANYTHING today. Because...

I had 3 ecclesiastical meetings yesterday, people. THREE of them! That should totally be against church rules. Against any church's rules.

And my life is "bi-zeeee, bi-zeeee, bi-zeeee" (as quoted from the magician-bad-guy from Frosty the Snowman, circa 1969). And I really just want, and need to take a deep breath. Serenity now. An hour long, full body massage. Or a trip to Midway with the girls for Swiss Days on Saturday could also do the trick.

But, my BFF tagged me, and since I've never been tagged, specifically, and since she is my BFF, and since it's Friday, and since I've really missed the blog, and reading all of yours, I thought I would play along. But with my own, personal twist.

And I now present to you, the…

If My Blog Had Voice Mail...

It would go something like this-

Hi, you've reached my blog's voice mail. I can't blog right now as my house is messy, I have lot's of errands to run, and my kids really need my time and attention. But I will get back to blogging as soon as I have a free minute.

Feel free to leave a message, or try back another time!

Thanks & Buh-Bye!

And here's a picture for my mom and Grandma Jojo's sake!


I once had a neighbor girl tell me that I could have a "really great body if you just worked out". This was after I had just had Max and (for unknown reasons that have never repeated themselves) shrank back to my weight in Jr. High.

But the true devastation came the other day when my brother, Mikey, suggested that I watch "Tori & Dean, Inn Love", because "she reminds me so much of you." What the? For the love?
Don't ever tell anyone they remind you of Tori Spelling. That's just mean. Of course, this is coming from the brother who is never afraid to tell me that my butt looks big in a pair of pants, or when my hair looks like crap.

But, why couldn't he have been watching Las Vegas, or General Hospital, and called me to say "Oh my gosh Mandee, you look exactly like Vanessa Marcil!"?

Or, "You know, Mandee, I can't believe how much Eva Longoria reminds me of you when she is dressed modestly!"

Or have been watching "Brea…

In the Dark Corners of Hollister

Aaron and I had this conversation after dinner last night:

Aaron: So, I guess instead of using a backpack, Maddy is using a bag with "Hollister" on the front of it. (Let me clarify- he used the word "bag", when really, it is a "tote")

Me: Yeah, I saw it. Sami gave it to her for her birthday.

Aaron: Do you really think she should be carrying anything around that says Hollister on it?

Me: Why shouldn't she? (with my eyebrows trying to furrow, but unable to because of the Botox- this is a moment when I can't exactly express my true facial emotion.)

Aaron: Because some boy is going to see that she has a Hollister "bag" (tote) and think that she likes to hang out in the dark corners of Hollister! You've been in that store. You know what it's like. It's dark. Who knows what is going on in there!

Me: ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You should blog about that.(He refuses to blog about anything, by the way.)

But I wonder... does he have a point? I mean,…

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It was an eventful weekend. This is why...

The Good:
Jack pulls himself up into a standing position! (Well, it's about time, baby!)Charlie gives up his paci once and for all... with a little bribery in the form of a yellow Transformer.Max reads 10 books! TEN books! Maddy is no longer with the boyfriend that we didn't know she had. (Hello parents? WAKE up!)Parker didn't fight with any siblings! Yay!We watched High School Musical 2, and loved every single minute of it! (Why am I 32, and wishing that I were Gabriella... and that my boyfriend was Troy? Seriously?)

The Bad:
Jack, Charlie, and Max were sick. It was diarrhea. ("for the love" was said at least 50 times, while I changed at least 50 diapers.) Charlie and Max fought all weekend. ALL weekend. (I guess Charlie being a little piece of poo is a permanent trade off for not having a paci in his mouth.) We found out Maddy had a boyfriend, and even though he was cute... she still isn't supposed to have a boyfriend.…


I feel like I need to clarify a few things, after reading my interview with c jane;

1. It's interesting what comes out in an interview over e-mail.

2. In our house full of boys, we do have a daughter. (And she loves being the only girl, by the way.)

3. "Something about selling diamonds forces you to mature." in these ways-
A. You are required to wear "nice" clothes to work
B. You make a lot of money in May and December
C. You have to pretend you're a know-it-all when it comes to jewelry

4. I went to UVSC, but never strutted my stuff. (How embarrassing c jane!)

5. I love c jane, and loved chatting with her over e-mail. She's one of a kind!

6. I REALLY only entered her contest because I wanted a c jane prize.

7. This experience has been the HIGHLIGHT of my blogging life!

Thanks again, c jane!

P.S. If you haven't read her Sorta FAQ's yet, you are in for a real treat. They made even my husband laugh!

One Week. 7 Sleeps. 168 Hours.

August 21st is The First Day of School.

Summer came and went way too fast this year. Way too fast. Especially when I saw that Target had put their summer line on clearance in June, and by July 1st had a full on back-to-school display. Now, I LOVE Target, and rarely find fault. Even when they bring out Halloween in August. But you can't end my summer in July. Especially before the 4th.

And while I was passing by the display, my gut told me to stock up on colored pencils since last year every set in the Nation was gone by the time school started, and Mrs. Smith, the Art Teacher, required that Maddy have 2 sets (one for school, and one for home). But I refrained. Until last week. I panicked. I bought 1 set.

All of the Open House's are this week, which means that all things back to school-ish will be SOLD OUT by Thursday morning. So, maybe, I should go back to Target tomorrow. Maybe.

But, about going back to school. It means that homework begins again. And I am really bad at math. I …

Mr. Parker G.

I can't believe he's 16. SIXTEEN. 6-teen. I always say that they grow up in the blink of an eye. It couldn't be more true while watching Parker grow up these last 8 years.

There is a song by Rascal Flatts called "My Wish", and when I first heard it, I immediately thought of Parker. Because, I wish lots of things for Parker.

Lots and lots of things.

I wish...

-that you will always be strong and independent
-that you will always be successful in everything you do
-that you will make good choices, and live a good life
-that you will serve a mission and enjoy the hard parts, and the great parts
-that you will find a wife who is good to you, and that you will be good to her
-that by the time you have a wife you will be able to get your socks into the hamper
-that you will find time away from your career to have fun with your family
-that you will grow up to be hard working, committed, loyal, and determined
-that you will always have a testimony of the gospel, and choose every…

17086 Words

I didn't count my words. I'll let you do the math, if you want. But I couldn't help but comment on the photos from our great trip. There is a whole day that I didn't include. I will save that for tomorrow. But it involves an "Un-Birthday Party" and a very happy dad whose transmission went out in his wife's mini-van. Oh, and a very delicious restaurant that I still can't stop thinking about.

His first official "FIRST" Birthday party. I think we celebrated 4 times during our vacation.

Dad is great! He gives me chocolate cake!

He is thinking "I LOVE the beach... and my mom!"

Cousin Chloe

Cousins Chad & Savannah

This is what he said to me... in a very serious "I don't know what to do" voice; "Uh, Charlie fell on me." To those of you who know him, it is funny. If you don't know him... it's probably not.

Don't mind Parker's underwear.

He didn't like the water so much. Jack, that is.

Well hello, J…

The Story of Jack-Jack Joseph Grant

Ask any woman. Once you bring up childbirth, it begins a discussion that can only be killed by a man walking into the room, or a mandatory trip to the emergency because your child is bleeding from his head. Or a new episode of Grey's Anatomy. My point is, women who have been through childbirth love to talk about, share, and dissect their experience.

And for the most part, my experiences have been relatively boring. I don't get sick (however, I do get VERY grumpy), I don't swell up, and I don't crave weird things. But with the birth of each of my 3 boys, the umbilical cord was wrapped around their necks... multiple times. And with Jack, it was not only wrapped around his neck, but his ENTIRE body. And that was only the beginning.

Another similarity in the births of my 3 boys, is when my labor started, how it progressed, and when they ultimately made their little way into the world. All contractions began early in the morning... around 4am. And all arrivals happened in the…