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Diary of a Mean Mom


I am a mean mom, sometimes. I hear it in the middle of the night, (see Busy and Late Night Meetings) and when I tell Max he can't have Gatorade at 10pm. And someone will probably call Child Protective Services since I am admitting that my kids are even up at 10pm. But it's summertime, and our schedules are totally out of control.

But having just written about that tender moment that I had with Charlie, and the "hot topic" of Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms, I should have known I was asking for it. Because the last 2 days with my kids have been nerve twisting, edge sending, Calgon seeking, hair pulling, sanity losing, "one of those" kinds of days.

And that's the truth.

Tuesday, Maddy and I bravely took the 3 little boys with us to the Nordstrom sale. Great deals, and a personal shopper that deserves her own post, but a NIGHTMARE with 3 kids. After struggling through shoes and Brass Plum, we made a stop at the aquarium, and then went to Gap. The Gap used to have a table with paper and crayons, and I was hoping to gain some of my sanity back while they colored me cool pictures of motorcycles and airplanes... but the crayon-coloring-magic table was totally MIA. (Another "for the love" spewing moment.) And after an attempt through American Eagle, I hit the end of my rope, and we left. My promise to play at the Tree House... totally rescinded. My stop for a diet coke in the food court on our way to the car... totally required. I was grumpy, sweaty, and trying to cope. (And diet coke helps with all of those things.)

Poor Maddy.

Poor Mom.

Poor little boys who had just begun an almost 48 hour streak of mischief, sassy-ness, and complete defiance, that would land them in multiple time outs, threats of being spanked, and counting to 3 (1... 2... 2 1/2... 2 3/4...).

By the way, Charlie doesn't respond to the counting. He starts counting with me.

Charlie actually doesn't respond to anything. "Get in the stroller right now, or I will leave you!"
"OK mom, bye mom."

And don't even get me started on what Thursday was like. It was an experience that not even a trip alone to Target can cure. Pedicure, please?

So, my truth is that someday, I will be sitting on the phone, working in front of a computer, selling real estate, or something... while my kids are at school. And I will think about how they are growing up too fast. How I miss when they were little, and defiant, and chattered about motorcycles and airplanes.

But I will not miss being a mean mom.

P.S. (for my mom) No one was hurt in the writing, or posting of this experience, nor during the experience itself.


Deby said...

You are far braver than I to take three little boys into a department store. Whenever I tell Katya "no" for her last minute whatevers and she is whining for a reason why - I ALWAYS tell her it is because "I am a mean, mean mother".

It has only been lately that she tells me that I really am not all that mean.

Laura said...

Ditto, Deby ! You have more patience for taking three boys to a shopping mall with you late at night. I tend to drag my husband along with me, or he will have to watch the boys himself ! I often said, "No" when they are demanding for a late junk food at night. Dylan always would whine and said, "I don't love you. I will have to get out of here." Sometimes, Ryan would copied Dylan's "Yeah I don't love you" and run toward to their dad.

But knowing being in a tough attitude will be paid back for being a "mean" good mom with discipline than the ones with mom
without disciplines... Hang in there!

Maybe when we all get together for un birthday, have our husbands watch our kids while we have our pedicure??? Hummm??

RACHIE said...

I have been a mean mom too. Yesterday was awful. I found myself yelling for no reason. I must be premenstrual. I always get a little crazy before that time of month.