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Busy and Late Night Meetings

I am busy. As in, so busy I don't even know where to start, or continue, or finish, or what to just work on first. Because when I'm this busy, it all gets crazy and jumbled up in my head and I can't concentrate or focus. But my mom asked for a post, and even though she has probably already gone home for the day (I think my blog keeps her company at work), I will appease her.

Last night, Charlie called me upstairs for a late night meeting. It was about 2AM, and it went something like this.

Charlie: (sitting at the top of the stairs, in his sweetest, little voice) I need you mom. Mom, I neeeeeeeeed you.

Me: What do you need me for (as I walk him back to bed)?

Charlie: By me Mom. Lay by me.

Me: I will lay by you, but just for a minute, OK?

Charlie: OK

So we lay in his bed, snuggled up, while I scratch his little back. I notice after a couple of minutes that his eyes are closed, and his breathing is heavy. I quietly leave his room, check on the rest of the kids, and go back to bed.

Not even 2 minutes later...

Charlie: (from the top of the stairs, in his mad, grumpy voice) Upstairs NOW, Mom! Lay by me. Mean Mom. You are mean. Be nice.

And I could not stop laughing, even while I, AGAIN, laid next to him in his bed. After a few minutes more of back scratching, and admiring his long, long eyelashes, and his long, almost 3 year old body, and thinking- I'm so glad he missed me in the middle of the night so we could have this moment-, I went to my own bed.

And then woke up 6 hours later with him next to me. In my bed. With a mouth full of bubblegum.

The kid is nuts. And I love him!


Papa Randy said…
Ah yes the hidden treasures of life. Someday, they'll be all grown up and live in a galaxy far far away and you'll wish you could just hug them and hold them. Cherish each and every moment. I know you do. I think every parent would love to take a little one just for a moment and hold and rock there children. Even though now they are 30 something.
Anonymous said…
You truly are a dream mom - I wish I lived closer so I could see you in action everyday. You are so tender, thoughtful, & full of patience with your little men!
Mandee said…
No, I am not a dream mom. I have my good moments, amongst a LOT of frustrated moments... and I choose to post about my good mom moments. My mom would call and get mad at me if she knew about all of my bad mom moments.
Mandee said…
Papa Randy,

A week or so after I had Max, I was holding him in my arms while he was sleeping. Just staring at him, thinking about all of life's moments ahead of him... and I got to the part where he goes on his mission. And totally lost it. Bawled like a baby.

Sometimes I remember that they are already growing up too fast, and I need to appreciate ALL of the moments I have with them. Even the ones that happen in the middle of the night. And exercise more patience when the moments aren't so cute. Or so funny.
Deby said…
Ooooooh, what a sweet little story. I feel that way when Alexis is tired and decides to crawl up on my lap to be still for two minutes while I have Logan in my other arm. I wish I could capture those moments more often.
Rachie said…
Charlie cracks me up...where does he come up with this stuff?
Wonder where did he get bubble gums?
Kim Simpson said…
That is the cutest story! Tonight when one of my children crawls in bed with me or wants me to lay with them I am going to do appease them happily!
Neva said…
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, cute story thanks for helping him through the night, I love that boy!
Thanks for the post too!
Fruit roll mashing on a carpet? I've been there with the play dough. Knowing your feelings in ups and downs, hang in there since you are also a good mom!

Someday you will look back and laugh once your kids aren;t in your way.. just grab and cherish the moments while you can.

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