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This is where we'll be spending our Tuesday. For those of you who have been there, you will know to immediately start praying that the Grant Family doesn't come home with diseases.

Since we've been married, both companies that Aaron has worked for have sponsored an annual Lagoon Day. And it's really very generous of them. We get free tickets, and they feed us lunch or dinner. This year it's dinner. I'm hoping for a churro as well, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking.

For the last 5 years, I have either been pregnant, or had a baby. This year, I have a 364 day old baby to stroll around, a 2 year old that still cannot part with his paci, a 4 year old that cries at the drop of a hat (but still loves a good roller coaster ride... go figure), and a 13 & almost 16 year old that I'm sure will want to claim total freedom from the family, and do their own thing.

So, am I excited? Not so much. Do I hope it rains? I do. Will I take my camera and hope for ama…

Diary of a Mean Mom

I am a mean mom, sometimes. I hear it in the middle of the night, (see Busy and Late Night Meetings) and when I tell Max he can't have Gatorade at 10pm. And someone will probably call Child Protective Services since I am admitting that my kids are even up at 10pm. But it's summertime, and our schedules are totally out of control.

But having just written about that tender moment that I had with Charlie, and the "hot topic" of Stay At Home Moms vs Working Moms, I should have known I was asking for it. Because the last 2 days with my kids have been nerve twisting, edge sending, Calgon seeking, hair pulling, sanity losing, "one of those" kinds of days.

And that's the truth.

Tuesday, Maddy and I bravely took the 3 little boys with us to the Nordstrom sale. Great deals, and a personal shopper that deserves her own post, but a NIGHTMARE with 3 kids. After struggling through shoes and Brass Plum, we made a stop at the aquarium, and then went to Gap. The Gap used…

For the Love

It's something that I say around the house... usually when I can't believe I am finding a fruit roll up totally smashed into the carpet. "For the love... why can't I just have normal kids that don't mash their sticky food in the carpet?"

It's also why I end up staying home with my kids, and not going back to work like the little devil on my left shoulder keeps telling me to do. For the love of my children. And after a long, stimulating conversation with my brother, Grant, and SIL, Kelly, last night, I remembered that there are two very passionate views on the subject. (There is also a great book out there by Dr. Laura, that I highly recommend.)

Kelly posted about why it's important to her to stay home, and how passionate she is about other moms choosing to do the same. (And she does it in a really non-judgmental way, maybe because she knows I am one of those moms that struggles with staying home, and since we're related, she is trying to keep the…

Busy and Late Night Meetings

I am busy. As in, so busy I don't even know where to start, or continue, or finish, or what to just work on first. Because when I'm this busy, it all gets crazy and jumbled up in my head and I can't concentrate or focus. But my mom asked for a post, and even though she has probably already gone home for the day (I think my blog keeps her company at work), I will appease her.

Last night, Charlie called me upstairs for a late night meeting. It was about 2AM, and it went something like this.

Charlie: (sitting at the top of the stairs, in his sweetest, little voice) I need you mom. Mom, I neeeeeeeeed you.

Me: What do you need me for (as I walk him back to bed)?

Charlie: By me Mom. Lay by me.

Me: I will lay by you, but just for a minute, OK?

Charlie: OK

So we lay in his bed, snuggled up, while I scratch his little back. I notice after a couple of minutes that his eyes are closed, and his breathing is heavy. I quietly leave his room, check on the rest of the kids, and go back to bed.

I love this girl! And I love that she is 13, and still looks this happy!

I love my Gramma, and I love that she lives close enough to us that my kids know her and love her as much as I do.

I love how cute my mom is- crazy, but cute, and I love how much she loves her grandkids.

I love these boys, and I love that they like to be together (usually doing something they aren't supposed to be doing)!

I love that face, and I love that it almost ALWAYS has chocolate on it!

You'll have to excuse Parker as he was at EFY for the week, perfecting his charm and developing his new take on "How To Get a Girl in 5 Days". I'll let him explain, someday.

But I love my family. And I love the life that we have together. And even though we have our moments and trials (like Kelly said), I am also thankful that there is a bigger and better plan for us. I am thankful that we belong to a Christ centered church that emphasizes the importance of family, and faith, and loyalty. And I am thankful fo…


In Aaron's words, "We can check that off our list for the next decade."

One of my latest reality checks has been that our kids are growing up way too fast, and we are really boring parents. Hence our new attitude as parents to do more, go more, and play more as a family.

Aaron has a really big, and really fun extended family who planned a really fun 4th of July. The plan was to meet at the MTC field at 6-ish, bring your own dinner, play some games, and then enjoy a beautiful show of fireworks from the Stadium of Fire.

"Let's do it!" Aaron said. "OK!" I said in my bravest voice. Because, really, I am not a brave mom. I am not a roll with the punches kind of girl. Because I am that mom who, when her kids start freaking out, packs up and leaves whatever store, function, activity, or fireworks show we are at.

But if Aaron was up for it, then I guess I kind of was too. I kept reminding myself that part of the deal was Cafe Rio, and Aaron's family. (I …

Before and After

It's really hot. Not Arizona, or Las Vegas, or Bakersfield hot, but still really hot. And Jack's hair is like a wool beanie on his head 24 hours a day. I swear his head is 25 degrees warmer than the rest of his body... so with that explanation, I made an executive decision (after consulting with my better half since he is more rational than I can ever hope to be, and all decisions have to be approved by him, but still it was my executive decision).



The New and Much Cooler Jack Jack

I think he likes it...


I treated myself to lunch today. And only because I was close to Kneaders. If you haven't tasted a Kneader's turkey on croissant, and you live in or plan to visit Utah, I HIGHLY recommend it. Unbelievably delicious to my taste buds.

For desert, I had 3 pieces of... quiet.