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Chapter 2- Viva Las Vegas... and the Grant family


I LOVE Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, AND Thirteen. I love Sheryl Crow's song, Leaving Las Vegas. I love IN-N-OUT cheeseburgers.

But I do not love Las Vegas. However, I found some really great places last week while we were there. And more importantly I have to thank Ron and Roxanne for letting our family stay at their "vacation house". It made all the difference, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute lounging by the pool.

It really was a great vacation. It reminded me that I spend WAY too much time on the computer, and not enough time enjoying my kids, and helping them enjoy their childhood. We made some fun memories. And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

We stayed NOT on the strip, and I had no idea that there was more to Vegas than stinky casinos and dirty billboards. Much more. Like a really great Target Greatland with a Nordstrom Rack a few doors down. And a Cheesecake Factory, and a Claim Jumper across the street from each other. And a great all-you-can-eat buffet at The Green Valley Ranch Casino. (If you go at 2:30pm, you get the lunch price, but at 3pm they start serving dinner- so you can get an early dinner for the lunch price, and all you can eat crab legs. Remember we were there with a soccer team of 15 year old boys.) The desert bar was unbelievable. And for a casino, it was beautiful. I wouldn't be afraid to stay there. In fact, I would be excited to go back! It also offers some really great shopping-

"The District Shopping Village at Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa features over 40 upscale shops and restaurants including; Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Sharper Image, Williams Sonoma, PF Changs, Elephant Bar and many others."

Now, who wouldn't be excited to visit this little place in southeast Vegas, NOT on the strip?

About Soccer:
Parker's team did really, really well. It was a HUGE tournament for them to play in. They lost to the #5 team in the nation, which was made up of a bunch of 20 year olds with birth certificates from Mexico that said they were 15. But that's a whole different topic to blog about.

But since they did so well, we had to extend our trip. I was originally supposed to fly to LA Thursday night, departing from Salt Lake, and had planned to take Jack with me. Since we were still in Vegas on Thursday, I changed my ticket, and my mind about which child I would be traveling with.

Knowing Aaron would be driving the kids back home by himself. And knowing that Jack's new favorite past time is hearing himself scream, I reconsidered taking him on an airplane. Screaming in a car with people that love you is much better than screaming on an airplane with people that don't love you- in fact, they dislike you as soon as they see you are on their flight. Sorry Jack Jack.

So I asked Aaron. "Which child would you prefer for me to take?", which translates to "who, in your opinion, is our most difficult child?"

So, I bought Max a ticket, and changed mine to depart from Las Vegas.

And once Thursday came, all of the anxiety came back. The feeling of being sick to my stomach. The nightmares about car accidents, plane crashes, wills... threatening Aaron that I will haunt him if he remarries... it all came back.

And when it came time to say goodbye to the kids, I seriously considered canceling my plans and going back home with ALL of my family. Tears, a quivering chin, biting my lip. Charlie made it difficult, while Jack sat smiling in his car seat... which was a different kind of difficult.
But we said goodbye, and Max was really excited that it was "just me and you" on our way to ride a "hairplane".

So, the moral of this experience. Las Vegas has some great parts of town that I would definitely visit again. And I will NEVER again leave my kids until they are 25.

Tomorrow... Bakersfield.


Alifinale said...

Oh good. Glad to hear Las Vegas isn't ALL bad. You are such a cute mom and I love the way you write. Anxiously awaiting chapter 3.

grandma jojo said...

I love the way you write too. And can't wait for the next chapter.
I'm so happy Max finally got his "hair"plane ride. Plus it was with you - just the two of you. He will remember that forever. But next time can you come here on the hairplane? Long Beach really is better than LAX - most of the time that is.