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Night Terrors

This kid has them.

About an hour or so after he goes to sleep, he will wake up screaming and crying. Totally irrational. It takes me a good 3-4 minutes to get him to calm down. Most of the time he is still asleep. Sometimes he will come out of it, and need me to lay by him.

But it happens like clockwork. Almost every night. Has anyone else dealt with this?


Alifinale said…
My bro had night terrors growing up. It can get pretty freaky, at least from the younger sister's point of view - my mom was the only one who could calm him.

Not to freak you out or anything... but when he was 17 he lived on the second story and he shattered his window with his fists and woke up before he jumped out of the window. But that kid had some serious pent up issues so you shouldn't worry about that. I think his mission fixed him and I don't think he has them anymore. Probably more info than you wanted, sorry.
NEVA said…
NO! Not my sweet boy!
grandma jojo said…
Aaron did this to me a few times when he was about 4. We were on our own at the time, Aaron, Heather & I. The first time it freaked me out so much I packed the kids in the car and drove (3 blocks) to my mom's house. But after a couple of months it stopped. I'm so sorry Max is having night terrors. Does he remember anything the next day? Aaron never did.
heather said…
Autumn used to have them a few times a week. All I had to do was get her to go to the bathroom, then she would go right back to sleep.
rabidrunner said…
I think it's too much "Dancing With The Stars". Just a theory.
Mandee said…
funny Amber. real funny. it actually might be the smoke monster from lost.
Tiffany said…
My sister in law had them. She is TERRIFIED of birds still to this day. She out grew them. When I talk to her next I wil ask her more about them. HAve you talked to your pediatrician?
Cally said…
Vincent had them when we lived with you. So it was for a few months before he turned two. It only lasted a few months, but sometimes it could be over an hour of him screaming and crying before we could get him to calm down. I don't know that there is anything great to fix the problem. I think that they just eventually grow out of them. But, maybe like Heather said...he just needs to pee. :)
Deby said…
Katya never suffered from night terrors, just nightmares. And she had them almost every night for a couple of years. The one thing that helped her was that Veggie Tales movie "Where's God When I'm Scared?". The song "God is Bigger Than the Boogie Man" became our nightly ritual to sing. We pulled out the Veggie Tales movies for Alexis and Katya still knows that song by heart and sings along with the movie. I hope Max gets over them soon.
Anonymous said…
Like Grandma Jojo said Aaron did this to her a few times, perhaps it is his paid back. I hope it is only temporary.
Dylan still gets that occasionally--telling me that the monster is chasing us so he had to rescue us when he "heard" the monster telling him. Ryan would not explain why of his bad dream, only said, "I'm scared."
Sometimes putting a soothing music helps my sons back to sleep.. Perhaps it will work Max. (keeping your fingers crossed with all of the suggestions you are getting.)

Laura McClellan

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