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Finally. Moved. Not yet unpacked. Living in a maze of boxes, waiting for our oven to be fixed, and shutters installed. And so happy to be home. I don't know if it was because we were living out of boxes, or because I knew we would be moving again, but the house we rented never felt like home. I felt out of place, uncomfortable, and squished. It's nice to have some elbow room, feel comfortable (unless I'm naked since we have bare windows), and know that this home will be home for a long, long time.

We love the area. We love the schools. We love our neighbors.

I am so excited about the memories to come. Leaving our home in Lehi was hard for me because it was where so many of the important things in my lifetime occured. We bought that house 6 weeks before we got married. Maxwell and Charlie joined our family in that house. And Jack, well, he spent 9 months gestation there. And friends that we will have for a lifetime were found in that neighborhood. Good people that we never want to part with.

So here, in our new home, Parker will get his drivers license, have his first date, and receive his mission call. Maddy will hopefully do all those same things, and learn to pick up her clothes in the bathroom. Max, Charlie, and Jack- kindergarten through high school graduation... cuts, bruises, holes in the wall (I will just expect the worst right now), bike rides, lifelong friends, and lots of laughs for all of us. I'm sure we will have our share of sad days, but let's not talk about those.

I've been horrible with my picture taking lately, so I will find something recent, and try to take some next week once we are settled. I am preparing change of address cards (and a family update since we missed sending out Christmas cards in 06) so if you would like to be added to our address book, leave your name and address in your comment. I'm glad to be back. I missed you all so much! And your blogs!


Alifinale said...

I missed your blogs too! I am glad that you are getting settled! If you want to send anything to me my address is 3880 Greenwood, Eugene, OR 97404. I love getting mail!

Grandma Jojo said...

I am so happy you are back on line. I have missed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me.

RACHIE said...

I thought about you all last week because I knew you were busy moving in your new home. I can't wait to see some photos!

Julie Stout said...

hope you are having a joyful time getting settled!

NEVA said...

What a beautiful home it is. I never ever even dreamed of living in a home as beautiful and big as yours. There's a plus too it's filled with beautiful things besides and most important my grandchildren. I love them!