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Mandee's Favorite Things

I recently discovered 3 of my new favorite things and wanted to tell you all about them.

#1 Peter Pan, the movie. For Christmas I bought my kids Peter Pan- the movie. I don't know when it came out, but it was on the $5 DVD table the day after Thanksgiving, so I grabbed it. Max decided he wanted to watch it the other day, and he was dead silent during the entire movie. And I kept looking up from my desk just to see what was going on- it was that enticing. After it was over he wanted to watch it again, and I did too. In one day we watched that movie 4 times, and at the end of the credits (the 4th time) Max looked at me and said "that's my favorite movie". And I said "it's mine, too". We love it.

#2 A friend of mine makes headbands, clippies, beanies for this little store. I went to it specifically to buy some of her creations, and by the time I was finished shopping, I had put $100 worth of cute stuff in my shopping bag. Since one of my goals this year is to spend less money, I had to put some stuff back, but these 2 things I just couldn't part with. My kids are really into matching games lately (me too) and so I thought this would be a fun valentine's present for all of us!

#3 Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears. I love them more than peanut butter m&m's. Another good combination is regular cinnamon bears and plain m&m's. I love, love, love them right now.


heatherives said…
lizzie loves that version of peter pan too. She wants to watch it all the time. I have never sat down and watched it. Will have to give it a try. Love the candy matching game, so yummy.
LollyGirl said…
so mandee, have you seen the link to darlybird on my blog? she's one of my most fav. people ever!! I'm so glad you LOVE her stuff as do I. among my favorite possessions from darlybird are my earrings--I think I own 4 sets and owned 0 before she opened. I also adore my apron!! you can find the "cheryl bobby" there, too. I attended her trunk show before christmas and finished most of my shopping in one night!! I heart darlybird.

I've recently learned about cinnamon gummy bears (from darlybird actually). I haven't actually had one but we experimented by eating a cinnamon gummy bear with a chocolate regular gummy bear (which are my fav.) and it was pretty good.
Mandee said…
Is the "cheryl bobby" named after you? Do you know darlybird? Is she from Bakersfield? So many questions...
Kelly McCaleb said…
off to go check that website out!...and i can't think of anything grosser than choclate covered whatever those are !:)
LollyGirl said…
yep, the cheryl bobby is named after me. no, she's not from bakersfield. she lives up north near me. we used to live in the same town until they moved away. she was in our ward there and her hubby graduated from law school the year before we got there. she is so amazing--I LOVE her!! we just spent superbowl togehter--I think we saw 30 min. of the game and never did find out who won but it was a great excuse to get together and she made soup-in-a-bowl!! FUN.
RACHIE said…
LOVE darlybird...buying stuff now as we speak..err, I mean write.
Mandee said…
Rachie- I'm dying to know what you bought. Those hair accessories are so cute for Holland. I hope you got her some of those!
Tiffany said…
Thanks for the plug Mandee!

I just have to comment on the chocolate cinnamon bear thing.

I had a roommate that was obsesses with these during our BYU years. they sold them at the BYU bookstore and she constantly had a bag of them. I thought the combo sounded so disgusting that I never tried them.

Well.... I helped out with a party this last fall where we had ALL red candy. After the party was over I was told to take some of the candy home. Just so happened to put hot tamales and red m&m's in the same bag.

SOOOO good. I had a jarful of this combo in my candy dish at home and my husband and I nibble constantly.

Tiffany said…
obsessed not obsesses. I hate when I make typos. Maybe I should proofread. blah.
RACHIE said…
I bought some barrettes and jewelry. I can't wait to get 'em. Do you get a commisson for these sales :)???

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