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I HATE Walmart

And I am never shopping there again.

Aaron and I joke every time we are in that store that it smells like a fart. But it's really not very funny, because it does smell like someone tooted. In every Walmart I've been in, I've smelled someone's stink. It makes me want to puke. But I go back because it's cheap- I am always able to get all of my groceries and then some for around $100. And I can also grab some fabric, tires, and plants for my yard while I'm grocery shopping.

Saturday night, Maddy and I made a late night dash to Walmart. I needed groceries, and she needed some material to make a pillow in one of her classes at school. The first thing I went to put in my shopping cart was french bread. No french bread. None. Anywhere. I didn't even necessarily need the fresh stuff. I would've taken the stuff in the plastic bag with the twist tie, but they didn't even have that. Second on my list- tator tots. (I've heard from a million people that a certain tator tot recipe is delicious, so I thought I would try it.) Well, you guessed it, no tator tots either. But what sent me over the edge was that there weren't any frozen potato types of food ANYWHERE. An entire section of frozen hash browns, tator tots, french fries totally gone. Three freezer doors- gone. And it made me wonder when frozen potatoes were added to the list of "foods to keep in your food storage"? SERIOUSLY people.

And then we saw a dad (tall, skinny, long, straggly however you spell it, hair) with a 2 year old in his arms, a baby in a carseat in the shopping cart, crying her eyes out- and bright red, tired eyes that told you she just needed to be at home in bed. And I kept feeling like I needed to do something to help. Can I hold your baby while you shop? Do you need my baby's pacifier, I have one in my diaper bag? Will you please let me just adopt your kids so they don't ever have to be at Walmart again at 11:30pm on a Saturday night?

And to make a long blog entry short, the lady at the fabric counter acted like she had a million better things she could be doing than to help me, while I initially felt sad and sorry for her that she had to work on a Saturday night at Walmart and not be home with her kids. Actually, now that I think about it, that's probably why she was so grumpy- but still?

So I hate Walmart. Because it always stinks. It never has everything on my grocery list. Customer service doesn't exist. And I leave feeling guilty for not being able to adopt all of the little kids that are there past their bedtime.

The bright side is that I can shop at Kohlers (the local grocery store down the street) guilt free, and enjoy the smooth shopping carts, have a high school kid load my groceries for me, and have the option to get some chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the bulk bins if a craving strikes. AND I'm not surrounded by nasty magazines while I wait to check out. Yes, I have to pay $2.50 for a can of cream of chicken soup, but at least I don't have to smell someone's fart.


LollyGirl said…
I think it's a bit eerie how you write about so many ideas that I share.

Just today, I, too was at WalMart and asked myself, as I do every time I leave, why I keep going back. Today, the checker finished checking us out but had to wait for me because I'd ran back to get...frozen potatoes. because I didn't come quickly enough, he just started checking out the next customer in line and charged her $80 for her two rolls of cookie dough. h-e-l-l-o!!
LollyGirl said…
oh but the poor kids--I totally know what you mean!!! I think about that, too every time I'm there at night! at least he wasn't screaming at them like they do in bako. while they're chugging their pepsi and munching on candy!
Likely said…
Oh Mandee, AMEN!

I haven't gone back in like 6 months. When I first moved here a bunch of ward members were trying to convince me that I would save SO much money if I shopped at Walmart. I tried it twice. HATED IT.

Not only do they not have what you are looking for, everything is marked wrong, or you can't find the prices at all, the meat and produce is old and disgusting and there isn't an employee within 100 yards.

The last time I went I bought some dish detergent and they didn't put it in a bag for me and it didn't get into my cart. I called them when I got home and they said, come and get another one. I was so bothered and annoyed that I haven't even gone back to pick up my dish soap. I still have the receipt in case I get brave.

Walmart is so nasty. I don't care how much money I save, if I am afraid to eat my food, it's not worth it.
Rachie said…
You are so RIGHT-ON! Walmart is full of screaming kids and angry parents. There isn't a Walmart close to me, so I have not been to one in months. As far as grocery shopping goes, I only purchase online. It is the greatest thing in the world! I use and I am now a much happier mom and wife!
Mandee said… I will have to check that one out!
Rachie said…
I am not sure if Peapod is in every state. I think Albertsons delivers too. No more spending an hour in the grocery store. Mandee, you will LOVE it!
Alifinale said…
Ugh...I hate it too! Last time I went grocery shopping there I believe that only 2 things on my list were actually on the shelfs. And I went on a Tuesday afternoon. It wasn't even the middle of the night!! I just feel dirty when I am there. But it is so cheap, and I am so poor...I hate it!
Mandee said…
It doesn't exist in Utah. I will check Albertsons.
Anonymous said…
you know i feel the same.
i'm done.
not going back.
i thought, the only reason i have gone there is because they have everything (convenience)- but when their poor customer service cancels out any convenience i might have had- plus the only reason things are cheap is they bully companies to give them better deals and have sweat shops and fake organic food- i'm gone!
Anonymous said…
Oh Mandee you make me laugh so hard because that is the same thing going through my mind every time I go to walmart. Yet I still find myself driving there without even thinking about it. I need to change that nasty habit and go for kholers too. I also wanted to try the whole grocery delivery too and found a site called so see if it works for you. good luck!
Likely said…
Albertson's does deliver in Utah. I know this because my elderly neighbor Marjorie had groceries delivered to her place weekly. she was so cute because if they were having a sale, like buy one get one free, she would give me the free one. Especially when it was produce. I would come home from work and find a package of celery or a head of cabbage on my doorstep. So random.

She couldn't drive so it was great for her and she liked the company of the delivery driver... :)

Just don't get any Gilbert Grape ideas girls. Ha ha.
Rachie said…
I went to walmart over the weekend with my sister to pick up some cheap frames. While we were there she said, "Does it smell in here?" I told her it does...(to quote Mandee)just like a fart.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mandee, I found your blog through Kelly's, and really enjoy reading it. I completely agree with this posting, and was laughing out loud with tears in my eyes as I was reading it, even though some parts aren't funny, but quite sad - poor kids. I have linked to it on my blog (hope that's ok),
Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more! I never shopped at WalMart when we lived in Utah -- NEVER! But then we moved to Vermont and it's the only thing around. Not a single Target in the entire state of Vermont! That's another story entirely. Anyway, I only started buying groceries there when we moved to New Hampshire for my husband to go to law school, and now we are poor and you really can't beat the prices. The second he graduates though, we're out of WalMart for good!
Unknown said…
How about a Walmart that smells like poo, is full of dirty nasty non-english speaking mexicans, and possibly catch the HEIVE (HIV) while your there!
Neva said…
Ya, but you can hold your breath long enough to by all their new Hot Wheels. They have the best supply.

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