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Week of 02.26.07

I get a little carried away with my thoughts sometimes. My last post was inspired by Debbie Gibson. For Christmas I received a gift card to iTunes, and found "Lost in Your Eyes". Of course, I had to buy it. Which got me thinking about my Jr. High days, and there you have the trail to my last entry.

But in the real daily life of the Grant Family, we are sick, stressed, tired, and live in a totally crazy house right now.

1. The little boys are sick. As of 9:10 this morning, they seem to be feeling better. Jack woke up happy, and actually slept most of last night. Charlie's croup sounds better (knock on wood), and Max's stuffy nose is no longer stuffy. It was a long weekend without sleep. Saturday night I was up from 2-5 a.m. with Max and Charlie. It was one or the other trying to end up in our bed, so I finally parked myself upstairs in their room. And by 5am, I was too tired to fight it anymore, and they both ended up in bed with us. Jack didn't sleep more than a…

I HATE Walmart

And I am never shopping there again.

Aaron and I joke every time we are in that store that it smells like a fart. But it's really not very funny, because it does smell like someone tooted. In every Walmart I've been in, I've smelled someone's stink. It makes me want to puke. But I go back because it's cheap- I am always able to get all of my groceries and then some for around $100. And I can also grab some fabric, tires, and plants for my yard while I'm grocery shopping.

Saturday night, Maddy and I made a late night dash to Walmart. I needed groceries, and she needed some material to make a pillow in one of her classes at school. The first thing I went to put in my shopping cart was french bread. No french bread. None. Anywhere. I didn't even necessarily need the fresh stuff. I would've taken the stuff in the plastic bag with the twist tie, but they didn't even have that. Second on my list- tator tots. (I've heard from a million people that a ce…

Happy Valentines Day

My Valentine's

From the Grant Family, to you. As the Baby Einstein lady would say "Enjoy the show".


Had I known what I was getting myself into, I still would've married him. He's that wonderful, and so are they. But, I would've read more books and started taking Prozac a lot sooner! (Kidding, kind of.)

Parker vs. Stepmom. When we have our issues, it is often when I am enforcing my role as "mom of the house". But when I am just Mandee, things are pretty good. He is such a good boy, and we hear it often from other people (mostly at church, and parents of his friends). I feel like since I am the stepmom, I can agree with their complement. Yes, he is a really good kid. He tries really hard in his school work. He is an awesome soccer player. He is a natural leader among his friends and in his classes at church. Adults love him, girls love him (he's nice to any girl that isn't friends with his sister), and his family thinks he's pretty great too. He can bring me to my highest high of the day- when I hear "love you" before he leaves for a camp-o…

Mandee's Favorite Things

I recently discovered 3 of my new favorite things and wanted to tell you all about them.

#1 Peter Pan, the movie. For Christmas I bought my kids Peter Pan- the movie. I don't know when it came out, but it was on the $5 DVD table the day after Thanksgiving, so I grabbed it. Max decided he wanted to watch it the other day, and he was dead silent during the entire movie. And I kept looking up from my desk just to see what was going on- it was that enticing. After it was over he wanted to watch it again, and I did too. In one day we watched that movie 4 times, and at the end of the credits (the 4th time) Max looked at me and said "that's my favorite movie". And I said "it's mine, too". We love it.

#2 A friend of mine makes headbands, clippies, beanies for this little store. I went to it specifically to buy some of her creations, and by the time I was finished shopping, I had put $100 worth of cute stuff in my shopping bag. Since one o…

Little Boys

All of these picture were taken the same day. I sat Jack down on the couch next to Maxwell, and Charlie climbed up next to them. I was lucky not to let this moment pass, as I sometimes do. I grabbed the camera to take what I thought would be some pictures that I would eventually stick in their scrapbook. But they turned out to be much more to me. Jack was starting to fuss and Max grabbed the train trying to entertain him. I kept telling him to put the train down (so I could see Jack's face) but it was too important for him to keep Jack happy.

In order of appearance; Charlie's first official day of potty training, enjoying a reward for peeping on the potty; Jack, 6 months old; and my three musketeers, totally enamored with Percy from the Thomas the Train collection.