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Resolutions For 2007

To Be a Better Person:
-I will actually finish the BOM for the first time. (Just a year or so past President Hinkley's deadline.)
-Go to the "_ _ _ _ _ _" once a month. If you know what I'm talking about, you know why I can't spell it out. (The same reason you don't write it on the calendar.)
-Go out of my way to meet and make friends with people in our new neighborhood.
-Stop rolling my eyes. At anything.
-Find the good in everyone. Even our builder. (The true challenge of 2007)
-Write in my journal at least once a month.
-Be more regimented and disciplined in everything.

To Be Healthy:
-Join Weight Watchers and learn how NOT to eat Famous Amos cookies at 10:00pm.
-Exercise. Beginning with sit ups, push ups, and running up and down our stairs. And then when it warms up, move it outside.
-Run a 5K this summer- lofty, I know.
-Eliminate all the "white" stuff from our grocery list. I still don't know exactly why it's bad for you, so my next goal is to...
-Learn what foods are good for you, and why the bad ones are bad. And then teach it all to my kids.
-Give up, once and for all- DIET COKE.

To Be a Better Mom:
-Actually play with my kids, instead of saying "let's watch a show" 20 times everyday.
-Spend more one on one time with each one of them.
-Take more pictures of my kids, and document their lives better.
-Say no less, and yes more.

-Hold, snuggle, and kiss Jack Jack more. I'll say it again... he is my last baby. I need to bathe myself in every last baby moment I have.

-Be a better "home-maker" for them. Make blankets, quiet books, homemade cookies, healthy food, fun crafts. Teach them that new isn't necessarily better, and that old things mean more, and can last for a long, long time. And that earning money and saving it is an awesome feeling. And that when you give more, you are blessed with more, because Heavenly Father knows you will share it with others. I could go on and on... but I will stop now.

To Be a Better Wife:
-Say "I love you" more. I used to say it all of the time. I still think it, I'm just usually buried under laundry, wrestling with kids and pajamas, or changing poopy diapers.

-Quit complaining about the "Hippie Trips". It's been 5 years, and I haven't won the battle yet. I give up. I surrender. Enjoy your time with your buddies.

-Make our bed everyday.
-Trust that every decision you make for our family is the right decision. (I've tested this too many times that I should know better by now.)
-Spend less money. (I know this will be your favorite of all of my goals for 2007.)
-Take you on a great trip for you 40th birthday.

That's enough. I didn't think I needed to work on that much this year. But once I started thinking about it all, I realized I have a lot to improve on. So here it all is, publicly. So everyone can hold me accountable. Maybe I will actually accomplish it all. I really, really want to be a better wife and mom. If I can accomplish those goals, I will consider it a successful year.

(A funny picture of Charlie for entertainment value- this kid is a nut.)

What are we looking forward to in 2007?
*Moving into our new house.
*A mom and dad only trip somewhere fun for Aaron's 40th birthday.
*Parker turning 16 (I haven't decided if I am excited or scared about that.) Maddy turning the big 1-3, Maxwell turning 5 (but missing the deadline for kindergarten), Charlie turning 3, and Jack Jack turning 1.
*Meeting Aaron's family in July for family pictures.
*Moving into our new house.
*The Morgan's coming to celebrate the 4th of July in Utah.
*Spending time in Park City this summer.
*And moving into our new house. (some pictures of why I am so anxious.)

The inside of our front door.

The exterior of our front door. (still needs to be stained.)

Our wood floors... not quite finished.

The pantry that will only house healthy food.

Our crooked's not really crooked, my head was.

Just one more picture from Christmas- I thought my Gramma was so cute in this one! She loves Cate.

Cute cousins.


Alifinale said…
You are so cute! Those are great goals! Thanks for sharing your site!
Alifinale said…
By the way, this is Alison if you couldn't figure it out.
Mandee said…
Alison, I miss you! I'm glad I found you! Are you mrs. mcdreamy because you love derek on grey's anatomy, or because brian is so mcdreamy? probably the latter. send me pictures of your cute baby. she is probably so big!
Anonymous said…
you are a good blogger, i lOVE what you write. inspiring!

why white stuff is bad:
the wheat kernal is layered. the outside layer has all the fiber, the innermost layer as all the nutrients. in between those two is fluff just to keep the shape.

white bread is the fluff + corn syrup + sugar +additives. (no flower or nutrients, just empty calories).

it's hard to find really good bread because the inner part of the wheat goes rancid quickly. nothing you can buy is as nutrient dense as what you could make at home, but you already have too many goals! so just look for 100% whole grain. when it just says whole wheat it's not using the entire GRAIN which is what you want.

and in general foods that are white (white rice, potatoes, etc.) are very starchy. starchy= turns to fat very quickly in your body. colorful foods (dark veggies, brown stuff)= fiberous and nutrient dense = it takes your body time to process it, it turns to energy, then you poop it out. so much better than just turning to fat.

any processed food as so much fake stuff in it and sugar that your blood sugar jets up, but that is a quick release then as it turns to fat you get tired quickly. whole foods take your body forever to process (they're called complex carbs) and in doing so release a slow, steady stream of energy, and they are used up instead of stored as fat.

some fruits and veggies are starchy. bananas, potatoes, (think of the texture and color). these are not the best options. for the most nutrients for your calories, pick berries and dark vegetables of all colors (green, red, yellow). and have LOTS of lean protein to help your body with building muscle and breaking down fat. (rolled up slices of lean turkey is a great snack).

dairy is fat. but good fat. so eat a little not a lot. you need some. just a couple servings a day.

oh but i bet weight watchers will tell you all this. i will run the 5k with you.

i needed to write all this down to remind myself of my goals, cause i start today! skinny girls 2007 wohoo! (woohoo like max and cate say running in a circle with their arms up).
Mandee said…
thanks for the education Kelly. If you want to have a weekly weigh in with me, then I can skip WW. We should start running together. AND, actually thought about learning to make homemade bread today. It is so good, and it would help me 1. eat better and 2. be a better mom. But is it cheaper? thanks for being such a faithful commenter on my blog. I knew I could count on you for feedback!
heather said…
mandee, you are blogging!!!! Welcome. ha ha like i am so experienced. I love your pictures and your goals. Ok I am telling you right now, you better go with one or you are going to be depressed by february. ha ha. And kelly, are you for real with this comment!! ha
heymaughan said…
Hi Mandee! I just linked to your blog through Grant's which i got through Cheryl' know how it goes. It's so fun to see you and your beautiful family and beautiful house. I'm still trying to find even an ounce of fat on you in the pictures and it is NOT happening. I say, eat white food. You can visit us at!
Anonymous said…
Your kids are soo adorable. I can't believe you guys have 5.

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