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One of THOSE Days


They are rare, thank goodness. But I found myself already reaching for the ibuprofin at 11am this morning. I spent the first few hours of my day calling 100 people trying to find out who is going to show up to finish our house that was supposed to have been done in December. The realtor, the investor, the builder (who doesn't answer my calls or return messages), the tile guy, the guy who is supposed to stone our fireplace, the cabinet guy who has to replace all of the cabinets in our kitchen and 2 of our bathrooms. Seriously, I didn't think it was possible to mess up an order of cabinets. Apparently, it is part of the subcontractors job to mess up whatever job they are responsible for in our house. Oh, the painters- they painted 3 rooms the WRONG color.

Anyway, in my determined mood to get ahold of everyone working on our house, I "forgot" to take Maxwell and our next door neighbor to pre-school. At 12:40pm, my friend Shauna called to ask if I was taking Max to school and bringing Charlie and Jack over. I looked at the clock, realizing that school started at 12:00pm. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I couldn't say it enough, or sound mad enough while I was saying it to get my frustration out of my system. And the day continued on just like that.

Jack didn't sleep all afternoon, Charlie screamed all afternoon- maybe that's why Jack wouldn't sleep? And Max used every last resource to bug Charlie... thus the screaming. Oh, another reason for the screaming is a new found independant spirit. Charlie HAS to do EVERYTHING by himself. Put on his pants, buckle his carseat, get his own drink (nulk=milk)... all things that he can't do, but really wants to do.

The Mr. Brightside of it all? Aaron is taking me to the grocery store tonight for a date. Woo hoo! I'll take what I can get at this point. Charlie fell asleep snuggling with me tonight. Jack fell asleep in my arms while I rocked him. Max is quietly playing with his cars. Parker and Maddy are in pajama's, teeth brushed, homework done. And the day is almost over.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. More house headache. More laundry. More dishes. More bugging, screaming, desperate to go to sleep kids. Please, please be a better day!

And lastly, I just have to say that I can't stand Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. Go President Bush, and go Mitt Romney.


Grandma Jojo said...

I hope today is a better day. And it truly (unfortunately)sounds as if your house is going the way most homes go - except on Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. Maybe you should give Ty a call.

Hey Maughan said...

We could probably bond this husband's been out of town for four days and in his absence we've had bleeding injuries, fevers, throwing up, shots, oh yes, and the laundry has taken over the house.

Here's hoping our weekends treat us right!!

Aimee said...

Are things looking better? Did Greys Anatomy help last night? I found myself yelling at George to stop...well I won't go further just incase you haven't watched it yet. Ben has been out of town since Wednesday, and I have to say that I love when he is gone. It uncomplicates life and cereal for dinner doesn't get a bad response.

kelly said...

i feel like i could help you so much more, as you've always helped us so much. you really need to bring me the boys more, or let me come do laundry (cause i love it!)