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Max ran into our room after church proudly showing us his CTR ring. His first, and very own, CTR ring. Aaron and I just looked at eachother like "are you serious?!" One more thing to remind me that he is getting older.

The December of 2005, before he was to start primary, a lady from the ward called and invited him to the upcoming primary activity. I totally lost it on the phone with her. In tears, "Sure, he'd love to come to the activity..." We were at the table having dinner, and my family just looked at me like I was coo coo.

And when he did start primary, I couldn't stay away from the room- peaking in every chance I could get- just to make sure he was doing alright. And he always was.

And then there was the time when my friend Emily picked him up to take him and some other neighborhood kids to McDonald's for her son's bithday- Max's very first birthday party without me. I think I cried the entire time he was gone.

Anyway, my first born child's life is well underway, and I am sure I will always shed a tear (or 500) every time we come upon the many milestones that his life will be measured by. Kindergarten, learning to ride a bike without training wheels, losing his first tooth. Learning to tie his shoes, learning his multiplication tables, his first fight with the school bully. His baptism, 12th birthday, 16th birthday (no dating until 21 in our house), high school graduation, mission. His first broken heart somewhere in the middle of all of that. Events that seem like a million years away, but that will be here in the blink of an eye.

Anyway, he was very handsome on Sunday... we had to take a picture of him in, of course, his FIRST real tie.

And lastly, it was a moment that made me think "I LOVE that I have boys." Aaron and I took Max on a date yesterday, to his favorite restaraunt- Wendy's. Where everytime we go he wants "chicken nuggets, fries, lemonade, and a shake." He was such a gentleman. I was sitting across from him and Aaron. I was facing the direction of the sun, so I was shading my face with my hand. Max hopped out of his chair and said "Here mom, I will trade places with you so the sun doesn't get you."

I wanted that lunch hour to last forever. I just sat and watched him enjoy every last lick, slurp, and swallow of that frosty. Wishing that time would stop. And realizing as hard as it sometimes is- having kids in diapers, and occasionally moody teenagers, that there are some sweet moments to be enjoyed and remembered.


Aimee said…
I love those pictures, you look great. I am always sad when I realize that time is going so fast...and then I realize that on most days I wish for the day to end so that I can put the kids in bed. I love the moments that you want to last forever.
LollyGirl said…
such a sweet post!! I love that you and Aaron took the time to take him to lunch by himself together. Thank you for the reminder to cherish those sweet moments in a busy day. I can imagine how special he felt to be there just with the two of you. I bet having the two older ones really reminds you how fast they grow-up!
kellymccaleb said…
Mrs. McDreamy said…
Seriously, I love coming to your blog because you write the best things. Thank you and I love the pictures!
Abby said…
I love Max!!! He looks so studly in that get-up! Love it!
Grandma Jojo said…
I love reading your "blog". I have had to ask Aaron several times what it means - I think I've got it now.
Max has a CTR ring. I can't believe it. I hope he doesn't like to have it in his mouth like his Aunt Heather. It's only for fingers!
I love your writing. very creative and a joy to read.
Thank you. I love you.
Tiffany said…
Mandee!!!! I found a link to your blog on kelly's blog and I found kelly's blog... well long story. Read the comments on her latest post and read about how I found her.

It is so nice to hear about you and your happy little family. All of you are just beautiful!

I especially loved hearing about your Christmas get-together because I just think you have the cutest family. I also loved the date at Wendy's story. Precious.

It's so nice to know you are doing well. Please say hello to your mother for me. And please tell that woman to write a cookbook. and then please tell her to autograph a copy for me.

I think the last time I saw you I was pregnant! I have a little Max now too. You can check out my blog at and see pics and catch up. I have been a little bit lazy about blogging lately though, I must admit.

I have found so many old friends through blogging. It really is fantastic.

Take care Mandee, I hope to hear from you soon!

Tiffany-Winn Rueckert

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