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The Challenge

I was on the computer when I heard some little feet walk up next to me. "Mama, potty!"

"ok, just a minute." I said, with my head still staring at the screen. Then I heard a puddle forming on the kitchen floor, close to where my feet were. My peripheral vision had failed me, or I was really engrossed in my e-mail... Charlie was standing next me, TOTALLY naked. No clothes, no diaper, asking me to help him go potty. And I missed my chance. Dang it.

He's been talking about the potty lately. Asking to watch "Potty Power". Wanting to sit on the potty chair, or the toilet. I guess it's time. I bought a box of pull ups today, and I wondered to myself if it was possible to potty train Charlie only using 1 box of pull ups. Max finally figured it out the week before Mother's Day. My birthday is coming up... could this be the best birthday present ever? To answer my own question, yes. If it it actually happens, it would be the best birthday ever! (Do I lik…

Some Serious Girl Talk

I had lunch with two friends from my old neighborhood on Saturday. It was Jana's birthday, and Shauna and I thought it would be fun to take her out. She is such a fun lady. Her kids are grown- her youngest comes home from his mission this summer. I made a comment to her about how her life must be so much fun- the freedom to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want. To just be able to hang out with your husband, go on trips, dates. She looked at me and said, "YOUR life is fun." She continued to tell me about how being an "empty nester" is lonely a lot of the time, and especially quiet. Really? Quiet? I can't imagine not enjoying that. She also told me to enjoy the diapers, the craziness, the busy days of taking one kid to volleyball, the other to soccer... the piano lessons, swim lessons, school activities, dances. All of the things that take up so much time, because once I am not doing those things, I will be wishing I were. I love this woman for her …

One of THOSE Days

They are rare, thank goodness. But I found myself already reaching for the ibuprofin at 11am this morning. I spent the first few hours of my day calling 100 people trying to find out who is going to show up to finish our house that was supposed to have been done in December. The realtor, the investor, the builder (who doesn't answer my calls or return messages), the tile guy, the guy who is supposed to stone our fireplace, the cabinet guy who has to replace all of the cabinets in our kitchen and 2 of our bathrooms. Seriously, I didn't think it was possible to mess up an order of cabinets. Apparently, it is part of the subcontractors job to mess up whatever job they are responsible for in our house. Oh, the painters- they painted 3 rooms the WRONG color.

Anyway, in my determined mood to get ahold of everyone working on our house, I "forgot" to take Maxwell and our next door neighbor to pre-school. At 12:40pm, my friend Shauna called to ask if I was taking Max to schoo…


Max ran into our room after church proudly showing us his CTR ring. His first, and very own, CTR ring. Aaron and I just looked at eachother like "are you serious?!" One more thing to remind me that he is getting older.

The December of 2005, before he was to start primary, a lady from the ward called and invited him to the upcoming primary activity. I totally lost it on the phone with her. In tears, "Sure, he'd love to come to the activity..." We were at the table having dinner, and my family just looked at me like I was coo coo.

And when he did start primary, I couldn't stay away from the room- peaking in every chance I could get- just to make sure he was doing alright. And he always was.

And then there was the time when my friend Emily picked him up to take him and some other neighborhood kids to McDonald's for her son's bithday- Max's very first birthday party without me. I think I cried the entire time he was gone.

Anyway, my first born child&#…

i love today!

thanks for everyone's advice and words of encouragement. even the "lurker" who i hope found my blog from someone i am related to or friends with. it really is comforting to know that i am not the only one that ever feels that way. and also to be reminded of what matters most.

it is 25 degrees, snowing, freezing. i am so thankful to be in a warm, cozy house. so glad i don't have to go anywhere (like a job, grocery shopping, kids activities.) happy i get to stay home with my funny kids. charlie has been making me laugh all day. max made an igloo at preschool, and charlie was walking around the house with it- "hoid it, mommy?" with his head tilted to one side. translated "can i hold it, mommy?". what melts me is the way he tilts his head to one side, his chin tucked against his shoulder, and his big blue eyes blinking his long black eye lashes at me.

another reason i love today? preliminary grades show that Maddy ended her first semester in jr high w…

Resolutions For 2007

To Be a Better Person:
-I will actually finish the BOM for the first time. (Just a year or so past President Hinkley's deadline.)
-Go to the "_ _ _ _ _ _" once a month. If you know what I'm talking about, you know why I can't spell it out. (The same reason you don't write it on the calendar.)
-Go out of my way to meet and make friends with people in our new neighborhood.
-Stop rolling my eyes. At anything.
-Find the good in everyone. Even our builder. (The true challenge of 2007)
-Write in my journal at least once a month.
-Be more regimented and disciplined in everything.

To Be Healthy:
-Join Weight Watchers and learn how NOT to eat Famous Amos cookies at 10:00pm.
-Exercise. Beginning with sit ups, push ups, and running up and down our stairs. And then when it warms up, move it outside.
-Run a 5K this summer- lofty, I know.
-Eliminate all the "white" stuff from our grocery list. I still don't know exactly why it's bad for you, so my next goa…