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Just Be Done With It!


This is Aaron's response when I tell him I need to do some Christmas shopping. The problem is (and this happens every year) I never feel like I'm done. So I buy more. And then on Christmas morning, when the boys are completely involved in playing with the first present they've opened, I realize that I really only had to buy them 1 present... and promise myself that next year, I won't go overboard. But even as we speak, I am having anxiety that the kids won't like what they are getting. That they won't be totally enamoured with the first present they open. Hence, I need to go shopping tonight to finish things up before the weekend.

And really, I have nothing for Aaron. This is the first year that I have been totally lost about what I should get him for Christmas. "I'm open to suggestions." Any ideas, please send them my way.

And lastly, as much as I love Christmas, I will be happy when we are finally done with it, and the new year is here. Our real house is almost done. They are putting the wood floors in next week, cabinets sometime in the beginning of January, and our "closing date" is tentatively scheduled for January "20-something". For real- that's what our realtor told us. He couldn't even give us a pretend date... isn't that what they always are anyway!

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kelly said...

ooo, i didn't know you had posted! but now it's old, so you need to post again!